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Book 3 Cover Process #4 — Complete!

Previously, on the Neverending Cover Art Saga: And now for the exciting finale!

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Book 3 Cover Process #3

Previously, on the Saga of the Cover Art:

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Obsessive Character Creation Disorder 2: The Gods

So I’ve been tinkering around with the Rinmaru games some more because I can’t help myself, and decided to create a bunch of characters I haven’t worked on in ages — not since the last cartoony character-creator I got sucked … Continue reading

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Book 3 Cover Process #2

It’s been a long time on this one.  I’ve mentioned it before, but my artist had it rough this year, and now it’s allergy season and we’re both being whomped.  The cover still isn’t done, but it’s progressed enough for … Continue reading

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The Halion Tarot #1: Crowns

One of the things I built for my writing world was its own variant tarot deck.  Very, very variant.  Because my world has a love of the number six, the deck has six suits instead of four — corresponding to … Continue reading

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Status Update and Paperdolls

Before I start throwing end-of-the-year posts around, I figured I’d give a small update.  Book 3 is still chugging along with the rewrite; I’m four sections from finishing the 34th chapter (of 36), but since this is all combat, those … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Art 1

I’ve got nothing for Tough Traveling again this week, so I thought I’d share some art Deb and I did either at the convention or around that time. Deb had her art laptop while she was camped out at our … Continue reading

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Today, since I’m getting closer to my conventioneering debut, I shall share another piece of art my awesome cover artist D. D. Phillips has done for the project!  This time, it’s the logo! I know that not every fantasy series … Continue reading

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Convention Banner!

Once again, another week without a Tough Traveling (princesses, Nathan?  princesses?!), but I have something better! Our artistic wrassling over the War of Memory banner for SOE Live! Yay art! As always, these start out with my vague ideas, progress … Continue reading

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Halion Creatures 3

I’d meant to do this post a while back, but I never got around to finishing the write-up.  Alas.  Anyway, since I have nothing to say for today’s Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn, I decided to drag this one … Continue reading

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