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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — Necromancy

Today on Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn, we deal with a topic close to my heart: necromancy! It should be no secret that I’m fond of necromancers, because I say it all the dang time.  I have to mention, … Continue reading

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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — Hidden Kingdoms

Time for another Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn.  Unlike last week when I had absolutely nothing, this week I actually have a few examples to showcase! The topic for this round is Hidden Kingdoms: Usually reached through Caverns or … Continue reading

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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — Dark Lord

I know I’ve been quiet this week, but I was (mostly) occupied with finishing up the final chapter of the rough draft of book 3, The Living Throne.  I got the last bit done today, and though the path ahead … Continue reading

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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — City of Wizards

I think the only book in the FRB post for today that I’ve read is the Harry Potter series, though I do have Shadow and Bone on my list…somewhere down in the hundred-somethings, perhaps…  No reflection on the book’s perceived … Continue reading

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That Cursed Sex Scene

I recently received a review of book 2 by the fantastic Pauline M. Ross of Fantasy Review Barn.  Much cheering and excitement was had, but she also pointed a stern finger at the issue I tend to most avoid: sex. … Continue reading

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Excerpt: Senket and the Salt Desert

As they drew closer to where bare earth became whorled salt-bed, Lark said, “How does a place like this even happen?”

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Vignette: The Seal of Water

Aloyan Erosei the Younger stared into the blue line of the horizon, ignoring the water as it foamed up to either side of the ship’s prow.  All his attention, all his rage and desire were fixed on the dark fleck … Continue reading

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