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Axial Tilt, Latitude and Other Planet Details

It’s been a while since I did a worldbuilding post.  This one will be thin, because I just have a few points of data rather than anything particularly visual or interesting, but my friend Chris and I spent most of … Continue reading

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Things I Have Researched

In detailing my world and writing, I do a lot of research.  I’m a library worker at my Day Job, so I have good access to a lot of sources of in-depth exploration, but there are some questions out there … Continue reading

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The Psycher Gene

My last post was all about the pseudoscience of shapeshifting in the world of the War of Memory series.  I remembered shortly afterward, though, that another important talent is closely linked with the skinchanging gene — or rather, with having … Continue reading

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Halion Shapeshifting and the Skinchanger Gene

There isn’t much science in book 1 — at least, not visibly.  As a former student of the hard sciences and a current interested dabbler, however, I can’t help but create scientific underpinnings for many of my magical and spiritual … Continue reading

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Technology Levels (In Map Form)

One of the things I have always been certain about with my world is that it is not a Standard Medieval Setting.  In fact, the first version I worked on was maybe 300 years in the future of the current … Continue reading

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Maps Are Possibly A Bit Too Entertaining

I think I have a problem: ever since I decided to make my own world-maps, I haven’t been able to stop.  I’ve always had a detail-oriented personality, which is why I still have reams of world-information needing translation into a … Continue reading

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Tinkering with Globe Maps

As a detail-obsessed individual who always liked geology and took a few courses in college, I’ve always tried to make the tectonics of my world somewhat realistic.  Since I started making the properly-to-scale maps of the main continent, however, I … Continue reading

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Three-dimensional time.

Back in college, I took a weird course–can’t quite remember the title, but it was something like The Physics of Spirituality.  I’m not sure what anyone else in the course was expecting, but what we got was a bit of … Continue reading

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