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Silent Circle Mage Outfits

After drawing a rough version of Enkhaelen’s outfit as a reference for the Book 3 cover, I started thinking about the other Silent Circle mages in my story.  I describe their attire a bit, and mention that robes are the … Continue reading

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Trope Roulette: My Instincts Are Showing

It’s been a while, but I’m ready for a second installment of Trope Roulette!  The idea is to visit that evil time-sink of a site, TVTropes, and hit the Random button until I find something I can talk about.  This … Continue reading

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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — City of Wizards

I think the only book in the FRB post for today that I’ve read is the Harry Potter series, though I do have Shadow and Bone on my list…somewhere down in the hundred-somethings, perhaps…  No reflection on the book’s perceived … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Riddian

Picking up on our slow loop through the Imperial Heartlands, in this installment we visit the Kingdom of Riddian.  It has been allowed to stay a kingdom because it submitted to the Emperor in the early years of the Imperial … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Corvia

I realized that while I was moving eastward through my cultures, I entirely skipped the Corvish (or Korvii) — which is weird, because they’re some of my favorites.  This may have to do with the fact that I am, myself, … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Trivestes

This week, we take a look at one of my favorite cultures, Trivestes — which probably says something bad about me, since they’re some of the meanest people on the continent.

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Non-Imperial and Clan Flags

I previously posted my attempt at making flags for my Imperial protectorates, some of which worked, some of which didn’t.  I can’t say that my skills with the GIMP2 program have particularly improved, but I do have a few more … Continue reading

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