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Monday Music: Halloween Edition

I was never particularly a goth.  I wore a lot of black during high school, but that was influenced as much by being a theater techie as by my choice of music — especially since at that time I was … Continue reading

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Book 4 Progress Report: September

I know I haven’t been posting much.  Spinning the rough draft of Book 4 from cobwebs and moonbeams has been draining; I don’t have nearly as much detail in these later notes as I did with the first three books.  … Continue reading

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Titles, Book 3

I like titling things.  I recently gave Erica a title for an upcoming short story compilation (if she decided to use that one >_>), and I have an ever-growing list of titles to someday be used for books, short stories, … Continue reading

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Ten Books

Since everyone has been doing the ’10 Books That Have Stayed With You’ challenge recently — so many that Facebook actually compiled 130k of them to make a set of statistics — I figured I might as well.  After all, … Continue reading

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Influences: Pulse (and other Supernatural Horror)

I haven’t done an Influences post in a while, which is weird because I’d yet to talk about one of my biggest influences: supernatural horror.  I may present mostly the superficial fantasy trappings on this blog, but my dreams get … Continue reading

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Titles, Book 2

With book 2 out (now in physical version!), I feel like talking about titles again.  I did so when I put out book 1, and people seemed interested in the ideas behind creating them, even if they didn’t click through … Continue reading

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Influences: Shojo Kakumei Utena (and other Anime/Manga)

I’ve been lax in my posting recently, and haven’t done an Influences one in a while, so since I currently have a stack of manga on my desk waiting to be read and another one on my decrepit iPad — … Continue reading

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On Obsession (and Bahlaer)

This is partially by request of the husband of the lovely Erica Dakin (whom I link to all the time because she is awesome) and partially because it seems to be what makes my blog interesting to some people: my … Continue reading

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My compadre Erica Dakin has commented a few times on how I tend to title everything — chapters, parts, etc — so I figured I’d talk a bit about that, in regards to Book 1.

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Influences: EverQuest (and other Online Roleplaying Opportunities)

I’ve mentioned before, though briefly, that I’ve played my share of MMORPGs.  I think I should confess that the only reason I’m not still playing them (and thus slacking on my writing) is because I started raiding so much that … Continue reading

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