Book 2: The Splintered Eye

WoM2ebookFrom the Teeth of the Empire into the Arms of the Heretics.

Cob may have escaped slavery, but he is still bound to the Guardian spirit.  Freedom requires the same necromancy that trapped it inside of him — and the aid of cultists and skinchangers who had previously been his enemies.

With the Empire on the hunt for him, he has no choice but to trust in these new comrades, even as treacherous old ones continue to dog his steps.

In his wake, conflict spreads to Captain Sarovy and Geraad Iskaen, each with their own piece of the Imperial puzzle.

Old illusions will fail, secrets rise to the light — but even the truth may be a trap.

arrowhead outline

E-Book and Print Book | Teaser

Review by Pauline M. Ross of Fantasy Review Barn

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