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Making Pictographs

I’ve already made a few posts involving my made-up language, Gheshvan: one involving the base-six number system (which might have gotten a bit ridiculous there at the end) and the other with the phonetic alphabet.  I might have mentioned in … Continue reading

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Maps Are Possibly A Bit Too Entertaining

I think I have a problem: ever since I decided to make my own world-maps, I haven’t been able to stop.  I’ve always had a detail-oriented personality, which is why I still have reams of world-information needing translation into a … Continue reading

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Gheshvan Alphabet

Since I was working on the numbers, I figured I should do some words in Gheshvan.  But since Gheshvan is technically a pictographic language, that would mean thinking up a lot of little pictures…and I haven’t had brain enough for … Continue reading

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Numbers and Pictures

Wanted to post something today but didn’t have the energy to write up a full-on descriptive thingie, so I thought I’d put up some of my work on the Gheshvan number- and writing systems.

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Terminology in a World Without Sin

For a long time, my gods had Greek names.  Some had servitors that were termed ‘angels’.  Some of the villainous powers were referred to as ‘demons’.  I used certain curse-words in the way they’re currently applied, and sometimes considered which … Continue reading

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