The Author, editing the print book.

The Author:

Hi!  I’m H. Anthe Davis, dark-epic fantasy author with a Day Job.  I live among cacti, under the devastating glare of the sun — which is why I’m rarely encountered outside.  I don’t have any pets, alas, but I do have a bunch of geckos that cling to my window at night, waiting for moths to come into eating range.  I like to think of them as pets I don’t have to walk.

I drink too much coffee, stay up way too late, watch a lot of bad horror movies, listen to weird electronic music, and should probably learn to put the editing pen down.  Put it down, H…  Put it down!

You can find me most commonly right here, but I also have a presence on FacebookGoodreads, Tumblr, and Twitter!  My Amazon profile also tracks my blog updates, and I participate in the Authors Answer series, hosted by Jay Dee Archer.

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Want to chat directly?  Contact me at hanthedavis [at] gmail [dot] com.


The Series:

The War of Memory Cycle takes place in an animistic fantasy world of grasping imperialists, god-directed cults, spirit-touched shapeshifters, manmade monsters, suppressed (and suppressive) magic, chemical and arcane mind-control, and the civilians and soldiers trapped in the middle of it all.  It has touches of both science fiction and horror, and includes strong themes of identity, trauma, religious conflict, LGBTQIA, and some serious body horror.  I enjoy writing that last part maybe a bit too much.


The Material:

All text on this blog is by H. Anthe Davis unless otherwise noted.

All art on this blog is by H. Anthe Davis, D. D. Phillips or Alexandra Fitzgerald unless otherwise noted — except for the culture composites (which were sourced haphazardly from the web, my apologies).  If your art or photography has shown up in one of the composites, please tell me so I can credit you.

Background for The Light of Kerrindryr, The Splintered Eye, The Living Throne and The Drowning Dark covers taken from FantasyStock.

Computer-drawn maps were made with the GIMP 2 software and the Hand-Drawn Map Tutorial by Gidde of the Cartographer’s Guild, with terrain brushes by Gidde.  Other GIMP 2 art may include brushes by Hawksmont, danieeel31, duskblue, Obsidian Dawn and Free-Brushes.


H. Anthe Davis is not an expert on anything. Do not take H. Anthe Davis’ advice on subjects including, but not limited to: Dating, Publishing, Medical Procedures, Criminal Law, Astrophysics, Time Travel, Metaphysics, Cryptozoology, Therianthropy, Occultism, Abnormal Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Hermetic Magic, Shamanism, Organic Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Sustainable Agriculture, Literary Analysis, Cartography, Vulcanology, or Non-Euclidian Geometry.
H. Anthe Davis is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Foundation, the Masters of the Bazaar, the State Alchemists, Ohtori Academy, the Technocracy, the city of Neriak, or the Royal Order of Protestant Knights.
If H. Anthe Davis mentions fire in any capacity, seek cover immediately.

8 Responses to About

  1. Hi there! You may have noticed that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. I did so because I really enjoy reading your posts. You can see my post about the award (which is pretty much a pat on the back) here: http://storytimewithbuffy.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/super-sweet-blogging-award/. I think you’re fantastic!

  2. I have to say what I have just read actually made me laugh a little… This was great… I am defiantly going to follow this blog!

  3. Latti Ice says:

    You are talented Davis; I’m glad I decided to peek in :-).

  4. everwalker says:

    I just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks for writing such great posts! https://everwalker.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/apparently-im-versatile/

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