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The Halion Tarot #1: Crowns

One of the things I built for my writing world was its own variant tarot deck.  Very, very variant.  Because my world has a love of the number six, the deck has six suits instead of four — corresponding to … Continue reading

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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — Immortals

Time for another travel-date with Fantasy Review Barn!  This time, the topic is Immortals. Immortals are fairly common in Fantasyland  There are three kinds: 1) Goddesses and Gods, who exist forever unless people stop believing in them. 2) Elves or … Continue reading

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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — Guild of Assassins

Once again, Nathan at Fantasy Review Barn is going through some examples of a popular fantasy trope as featured in the lovely Tough Guide to Fantasyland.  Check out the link for his take, then down below I’ll talk about the … Continue reading

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Deity Profile: The Trifold Goddess

The Trifold Goddess is not a single deity, but an alliance of three entities who share power and act in concert — mostly.  They have a few collective names: the Shield, Torch and Hammer; the Maiden, Mother and Matron…and the … Continue reading

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Age, Anniversaries and Life Expectancy

Since yesterday was my birthday (yay me!) I have decided to take today to talk briefly about birthdays and other age-related issues on Halci.

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Gender and Sexuality, With Maps

I wanted to make some more maps but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted them to be of, so I asked a few friends.  One of them asked for maps of fashion trends, but when I said I had no … Continue reading

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Deity Profile: Kherus Morgwi the Shadowlord

Name: Kherus Morgwi, the Shadowlord. Other Names: Ker of Shadow (general use), Kurr Morgri (ogres and skinchangers), Mhozri dya Shrodak (Zhang). Apotheosis/Awakening: The first moment of the universe. Domain: Oretcht’ke, the City and Spindle/The Shadow Realm.

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