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Halion Ogres!

D. D. Phillips is still chugging along on the cover (post inbound within a week or so, I think!) but in the interim, when she doesn’t have access to her cover files or the energy/attention to work on all those … Continue reading

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Book 4 Cover Process #1


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Book 4 Progress Report: November

Clearly I’ve been scarce recently on the posting front, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working.  So let’s see what’s changed since September. Due to taking a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday (too much going on with various … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Art 1

I’ve got nothing for Tough Traveling again this week, so I thought I’d share some art Deb and I did either at the convention or around that time. Deb had her art laptop while she was camped out at our … Continue reading

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Post-Convention Wrapup

Hey all!  I have just recently returned from my first vending experience at the SOE Live convention, where I had a great time and met a bunch of great people.  I thought I’d wrap up the experience with a run-down … Continue reading

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Today, since I’m getting closer to my conventioneering debut, I shall share another piece of art my awesome cover artist D. D. Phillips has done for the project!  This time, it’s the logo! I know that not every fantasy series … Continue reading

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Convention Banner!

Once again, another week without a Tough Traveling (princesses, Nathan?  princesses?!), but I have something better! Our artistic wrassling over the War of Memory banner for SOE Live! Yay art! As always, these start out with my vague ideas, progress … Continue reading

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Halion Creatures 3

I’d meant to do this post a while back, but I never got around to finishing the write-up.  Alas.  Anyway, since I have nothing to say for today’s Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn, I decided to drag this one … Continue reading

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Book 3 Cover Process #1

Ahh, the book cover work-in-progress posts.  I love doing these because I get to ramble about my and D. D. Phillips’ bickery decision-making, and hopefully you folks like them too! Book 3, titled The Living Throne, is still in major … Continue reading

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What I Do With My Downtime

Not that anyone asked, but since I’m taking a few days to cool down between finishing the rough draft of The Living Throne and starting the edits, I thought I’d give a glimpse at what I do when I’m not … Continue reading

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