Writing Goals 2023

Brief update here, since we’ve flipped from one year to the next.

I have finished my extended holiday from writing, since I completed the rough draft of Book 2 (tentatively titled The Fading Saint) circa early November. I got good feedback from an alpha reader, so I already have a plan for the parallel redraft.

Thus, my 2023 writing goals are:

  • 1) Parallel draft (aka 2nd draft) of The Fading Saint.
  • 2) Rough draft of Book 3, The Goddess Revenant.
  • 3) Finally publishing Book 6 of the War of Memory Cycle, The Eye of Night.

I put Book 6 last because it’s dependent on my cover artist, who’s had a lot of upheavals over the past few years. Since I’ve been self-publishing that series, I’ve chosen to just wait — I lost any momentum years ago, circa Book 4, so I just want to finish up the series the way I started it.

This new series (folder name Graveborn World, rough series title Tzimayat by Curselight) is something I want to pitch and traditionally publish, so it requires a different approach. I don’t intend to pitch this year, because I want to at least have finished the rough draft of B3 (as seen in plan above) before I polish up Book 1 (needing its final draft) and start pitching. In which case the plan for that is 2024.

I’ve already started the parallel draft — chapter 1 down! Hopefully I will clear at least a chapter a week, and be happy with all the changes I make. I have a reasonably fleshed-out outline for Book 3, with space for expansion, so that’s looking like a good prospect as well.

I really should update this blog, so we can pretend that’s 4) for this year, but I won’t bet on it!

Anyway…onward, into the new year!

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Still Still Alive!

Three months later, another no-content-yes-progress update!

Also, I have changed some stuff, and so I should change the info on this banner (since I changed the name of the continent!), but I haven’t yet:

Book 2, The Fading Saint, now has a completed rough draft in the hands of an alpha reader. Book 1, The Godbone Blade, is still in the hands of a beta reader, and I’ve identified details and trends throughout the world that will need to be tweaked. So it goes.

Book 2 turned out to be 17 chapters, and is about the same size as Book 1, which I’m happy about. I’ve been trying to make them approximately the same length, and much smaller than the War of Memory books.

The War of Memory final book is (again) still coming. Many upheavals in my artist’s life. Since I’m self-published, I have the luxury of putting the books out whenever I want (though ASAP would be my choice if I could) and I want to have her covers on all of them instead of slapping something else on there just to placate my need to publish. I hate to make folks wait, but I want to do it right (though if anyone desperately wanted the book and reads this blog, there’s the comment field below….)

Anyway, taking a little break for the November holiday, then back to the grind.

That’s all for now!

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Still Alive!

I just realized that I haven’t posted in a while. Clearly that means it’s time for an update.

I don’t have any material to share, because all is either in the works or under beta reader review. It’s all for the current project though:

I’m in the rough draft stage of these nerds’ Book 2, tentatively titled The Fading Saint. The first book, tentatively titled The Godbone Blade, is in the hands of its third beta reader, and progressing toward final draft time. I think I’ll be waving it at one more beta reader for a different perspective on the text, then going through with the last tweaks I want to make to it before I start pitching.

Book 2 is still a hell of a hash, but that’s what rough drafts are all about. I think I’ve figured out the trick for it though, and even if it’s not as great a trick as in Book 1, it’s still a bit interesting (hopefully). No one has read it yet, and won’t for a while; I’m 10 chapters done of ~15 and won’t be showing anyone until I’ve rewritten it into a working draft. So that’ll be a couple months still.

As for War of Memory Book 6, that’s still coming. I’m waiting on the cover, because my artist has had a long series of setbacks. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish that soon, and WoM Cycle 1 will be complete.

That’s all for now!

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Pre-Series Short Story: Stand Alone

Book 6 update: Cover slowly coming together.  Maybe not much longer?  Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, another Ardent story for the War of Memory Cycle.  I have 2-3 more to write for her, then I’m planning a series postscript novella to tie up her thread and Sarovy’s.  The Temharat stuff is ongoing — I’ll be redrafting the first book soon, and am currently editing the second story chunk of what might be a prequel or might be a standalone.  Popping back and forth between projects hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it might be, since the characters are all strong in my mind.

Anyway, on to more Shadow Realm shenanigans!  This one is set approximately 17 years before Book 1, when Nemirin was fifteen.


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Temharat Working Maps

New story update time!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m at work on a new series — though do not fear, Book 6 (the finale of the initial War of Memory Cycle) is still coming. Just working through some issues with the cover, hopefully to be resolved soon.

The new series has a title: Temharat by Curselight! The first book, which is about to start its main draft…does not have a title. It’s suffering from the fact that the original series headliner was to be Aethan, the guy seen in the banner below:

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Pre-Series Short Story: Mirror Ghost

Book 6 update: Still awaiting cover!  It will come when it comes.

Meanwhile, back to Halci and the War of Memory Cycle’s short stories!  The Temharat stuff is ongoing — I’m digging into the parallel draft of the first book now, and making good progress.  I wrote this short story in between writing the rough draft and this draft, so it was a momentary jump between worlds…but I think I managed to land fine on both sides.  At the least, this feels exactly like Young Ardent (Nemirin), and I’ve heard no naysayings so far.

There are a few more Ardent short stories to come, to complete what will be a braided Youth arc between her and Sarovy (whose arc there is completed).  Not sure exactly when the next will come — maybe between this Temharat draft and the next, heh.


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Culture Composites: Daecia


Here, at last, is the final Imperial Heartlands culture composite: Daecia and the Palace.


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Titles, Book 5

b5cropbanner(Past) time to do another of my explanatory detail posts on my books

It’s been a while since the Titles, Book 4 post, not to mention the others — and the Book 5 publication as well! — but I like writing these things.  Detailing my influences and references, most of them musical, some philosophical, some just because they sound cool.  So!  On to the Book 5 titles…

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Temharat Story: Curseworks

Book 6 update: Possibly final beta reader has given me his feedback.  Still awaiting cover!

Meanwhile, I’m skipping away from Halci and the War of Memory Cycle for a bit, to draft the start of a different series in a different world.  It’s tentatively named ‘Graveborn World’ in my files, but that doesn’t encompass all that it is, so….consider that temporary.  One of the continents (though often called ‘the island’) is Temharat — thus the post title here.

See inside: new characters, new troubles!  Also, this is sort of a teaser/pre-novel snippet which might get bundled with said novel, so it ends a little abruptly, despite being fairly long.  Anyway, enjoy!


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Pre-Series Short Story: Ash and Smoke

Book 6 update: Waiting on cover things!  Uh…also I suppose I should probably format it and stuff, but another beta reader is still looking through that so no point in doing it yet, right?  I’m also working on another story in another world, so keep an ear out for that.

Meanwhile, we begin the Ardent (Nemirin Ereshti) short stories with this one, Ash and Smoke.  Like with the Sarovy stories, I’ll be going chronologically through them (unless I get clobbered by inspiration for an out-of-order story).


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