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Book 3 Short Story: Five Fuses

As I’m still working on Book 6 edits and don’t have a new culture composite prepared yet, it’s time to post my second Book 3 short story!  Again, this is a spoiler-thick tale which requires a lot of foreknowledge to … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Gejara

Even though the Imperial Heartlands culture composites are just one step from finished, I’ve decided to pass beyond the borders to write up the independent nation of Gejara instead.  The last Imperial province, after all, is Daecia and the Palace…

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Book 3 Short Story: Metastasis

Earlier this year, I wrote two short stories that probably require a knowledge of Book 3, since most of the material won’t make sense otherwise.  While I work on editing Book 6, I figured I’d post them anyway!  This one … Continue reading

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Free! Cheap! New! Amazon Promos for Books 1-5

Tired of watching TV and surfing the internet? Read a book! Bored of all your old books? Read a new one! Looking for an escape from reality’s troubles? Immerse yourself in an imaginary world with entirely imaginary concerns! Seriously though, … Continue reading

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Book 5: The Bloodied Army — Published!

As of right now, The Bloodied Army (Book 5 of the War of Memory Cycle) is available on Amazon as an ebook!  It’s wearing its temporary cover for now, and I don’t have an ETA for when it will receive … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Averogne

Second-to-last of the Imperial provinces and protectorates is this quiet little place, sited in the shadow of the Rift and a vassal of the Empire for decades before the Empire invaded any other western territory.  Averogne yielded easily to the … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Muria

Continuing the Culture Composites series, this will be a short one!  And require the use of a rather haphazard map.  The target this time is Muria, the hidden homeland of the silver elementals (or Muriae) and their Primordial, Brancir.  Muria … Continue reading

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