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Culture Composites: Darronwy

Six years later, I return to the Culture Composites series!  I’d always planned to make more, I just…never did. With this installment, we’re only one step away from finishing up all the Risen Phoenix Empire’s vassal provinces and protectorates.  Darronwy … Continue reading

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General Update: September

I can’t really call them Book 5 updates anymore, when nothing about Book 5 is moving.  Sadface.  Hopefully soon, though. September has been trash for progress, due to a few Day Job issues but also a grand fun time with … Continue reading

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Book 5 Update: July Redux!

I hate having to type that title.  It means it’s been a year since my previous Book 5 July update.  But…that’s just how it is. Yet again, this is a brief ‘things continue to progress, like snails’ post.  The Book … Continue reading

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Book 5 Update: March

Just a brief update, since I don’t have the news that any of you readers really want to hear.  I’ve finished the final draft of Book 5, The Bloodied Army, and am awaiting further notes and/or tweaks from my editor.  … Continue reading

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Book 5 Update: December

So.  Book 5’s main draft is done. Looking at my timeline for this book is pretty embarrassing.  According to my notes, I started the rough draft on 11/1/16, finished it on 3/7/18, then immediately started this draft.  Which I have … Continue reading

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Book 5 Update: July

So.  Hi there.  You might not believe it, but I’m alive. I am also about as useless as a flattened, desiccated gecko. It has taken what feels like a majillion years to finish editing the second of the three threads … Continue reading

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Titles, Book 4

Hey look, it’s me again!  What?  I’ve been silent for a month?  Nooo, shhhh, you saw nothing.  (Uh…literally.) I am just now getting around to some of the standard post-book-release info discussions that I used to do immediately.  Guess I’ve … Continue reading

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