Book 6 — The Eye of Night (at last!)

Though it has taken half of forever, the last book in my bit-off-more-than-I-could-chew-and-then-chewed-it War of Memory series is now published — the e-book, at least. Print book is currently getting proofed, but barring difficulties in the process, that should be ready within the week. I posted about the cover process earlier, and I’m happy with how it turned out. Hurrah!

I’ve already moved on to another project, as I’ve mentioned a few times here: a different world, a different story. Actually two books deep into that (one in Main Draft status and one in Parallel/Second Draft), and I’m enjoying the tale and the world. I also hope to pitch that to be trad published instead of self-published, so details will be sporadic here — though I do intend to pin up some worldbuilding materials.

What’s the future of the War of Memory world? I certainly have more I could do. Several short stories have already been posted here, aiming toward a novella or two, and I have a pyramid-stack of Cycles beyond this one (Light and Dark) if I decide to keep writing the story of the world. It depends on time, though — how much I can dedicate to a project that has been a bit of a dead-end, even if it taught me a lot. I want to write the world’s full story, but it might have to wait until I’ve hashed out various other projects — and maybe gone back and refurbished this one.

I guess we’ll have to see! Anyway…

Celebrate, the old story is over!

Celebrate, the new one has just begun!


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Worldbuilder. Self-published writer.
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