Minor Characters

Minor characters and their book, chapter and location of first appearance.


Circa Book 1:

Chapter 1: Crimson Camp

  • Erevard of Cantrell:  Crimson slave, Wynd, pox-scarred former smuggler.
  • Fendil, Jas:  Crimson slave, Illanite, jovial smoker and former smuggler.
  • Horrum, Altae:  Crimson slave, Illanite, hostile farmer.
  • Maevor of Bahlaer:  Crimson slave, Illanite, Shadow Folk.

Chapter 3: Cray Household

  • Cray, Aedin:  Younger son of Ammala Cray.
  • Cray, Izelina:  Elder daughter of Ammala Cray.
  • Cray, Jesalle:  Younger daughter of Ammala Cray.
  • Cray, Maegotha, ‘Nana’:  Mother-in-law of Ammala Cray.
  • Silus:  Unfriendly older ‘harvest man’.
  • Vier, Eston:  Young ‘harvest man’, courting Izelina Cray.

Chapter 5: Trade Road

  • Jasper: Mysterious tinker.
  • Toivo:  Jasper’s old rug of a dog.

Chapter 6: Bahlaer

  • Morina:  Bahlaeran lady of the evening, stationed at Whitemane’s Inn.

Chapter 7: Bahlaer

  • Cayer, Shan:  Leader of the Bahlaer Shadowland, non-shadowblood, former street fighter.
  • Rian:  Goblin newt, adopted child of Lark of Bahlaer.

Chapter 8: Trade Road

  • Linciard, Erolan:  Crimson lancer under Sarovy; Wynd.
  • Voorkei, Revek:  Gejaran mage lent to the Crimson Army, in service to Inquisitor Archmagus Enkhaelen; ogre-blood.

Chapter 9: Bahlaer

  • Beltras, Jouni:  Bahlaeran city guard.  (Uncredited.)
  • Chelaith:  Crimson houndmaster in service to the Lord Governor of Bahlaer, loyalties unknown.
  • Rynher, Ven:  Bahlaeran city guard.  (Uncredited.)

Chapter 10: Bahlaer

  • Bahdran, Mekhos:  Lord Governor of Bahlaer.
  • Benson, Pelwin:  Crimson sergeant and lancer under Sarovy; Amand.
  • Kenner:  Crimson lancer under Sarovy; Amand.
  • Shuralla:  Medic of the Bahlaeran garrison, Brigyddian Trifolder.  (Uncredited.)
  • Tonner, Varlen:  Garrison commander of Bahlaer.
  • Virn, Talauris:  Crimson lancer under Sarovy; Riddish.
  • Wolfsden, Aron:  Crimson lancer under Sarovy; Amand.

Chapter 15: The Rift

  • Cray, Paol:  Elder son of Ammala Cray.

Chapter 17: Corvia/Crimson Camp

  • Radha en-Kanrath:  Corvishwoman, huntress of Kanrath-Neirai clanhold.
  • Terrant, Kinven:  Crimson soldier and Sarovy’s captain.
  • Wreth, Talvus:  Crimson colonel of the Free First Brigade.

Chapter 20: Thynbell

  • te’Couran, Anniavela Yspeth, ‘Annia’:  Mistress to the King of Wyndon, former lover of Crown Prince Kelturin, lagalaina.

Chapter 22: Crimson Camp

  • Sanava en-Verosh:  Corvishwoman of the Verosh-Rhi clan, enslaved by the Crimson Army.

Chapter 23: Thynbell

  • Iskaen, Geraad:  Silent Circle Warder and mentalist, in service to Count Varen of Wyndon.



Circa Book 2:

Chapter 1: Cantorin

  • Aglavyn:  Brigyddian Trifold priestess, Mother Matriarch of Cantorin, dying.
  • Talla:  Branciran Trifold Justiciar, assistant to the Mother Matriarch.

Chapter 5: Forest of Mists

  • SeimaranthAirahene wraith, Ilshenrir’s teacher.

Chapter 6: Crimson Camp/A Mirror

  • Arlin:  Blaze Company shield-lieutenant, fantastic moustache; Wynd.
  • Avran:  Blaze Company scout corporal, aenkelagi, often mistaken for Coyle.
  • Caernahon, Jashel:  Lord Chancellor of the Risen Phoenix Empire, aide and advisor to the Emperor.
  • Coyle, Engus:  Blaze Company scout corporal, aenkelagi, often mistaken for Avran.
  • Gellart:  Blaze Company shield-sergeant, bushy beard; Wynd.
  • Kirvanik:  Blaze Company shield-sergeant; ogre-blood.
  • Presh:  Blaze Company specialist-sergeant, non-Circle mage; Padrastan defector.
  • Rallant, Savaad:  Blaze Company shield-sergeant, senvraka; Wynd.
  • Varrett, Lilinya:  Silent Circle Warder and brief consort of Crown Prince Kelturin.
  • Vrallek, Kanor:  Blaze Company houndmaster-lieutenant, ruengriin.
  • Yrsian, Makoura Jaedani, ‘Mako’:  Silent Circle scryer, Crimson Army affiliate; Riddish.

Chapter 9: Erestoia-by-the-Sea

  • Lycharvan sa KirsannuinHaelhene wraith, familiar with Ilshenrir.

Chapter 10: Crimson Camp

  • Ilia:  Blaze Company specialist, lagalaina.
  • Korr:  Blaze Company archer-sergeant, senvraka.

Chapter 11: Citadel at Valent (Silent Circle)

  • Farcry, Cassa: Warder Archmagus of the Valent Council; Darronwayn.
  • Qisvar, Dzuren:  Psycher Archmagus of the Valent Council; Padrastan exile.
  • Salandry, Careil:  Summoner Archmagus of the Valent Council; Trivestean.
  • Snowfoot, Drakisa:  Scryer Archmagus of the Valent Council; Gejaran.
  • Varrol, Van:  Artificer Archmagus of the Valent Council; Jernizen.

Chapter 12: Turo

  • Damiel, Sogan:  Trifold layman, bear skinchanger, husband of Vriene.
  • Damiel, Vriene:  Brigyddian Trifold priestess, Mother Matriarch of Turo.

Chapter 14: Haaraka

  • Kemithos, Adram:  Haarakash borderman, bearer of the airahene wraith Lliancandrien sa Salanar.
  • Tarsem:  Magistrate of the Haarakash hub closest to Turo.

Chapter 15: Crimson Camp

  • Sengith, Goshel:  Blaze Company archer-lieutenant; Amand.

Chapter 16: Haaraka

  • Aumros, Lita:  High Necromancer of the Haarakash region near Turo, bearer of the haelhene wraith Sashyarana sa Kirsannuin.

Chapter 17: Turo

  • Calett:  Gold Army soldier, senvraka, leader of assault team.

Chapter 19: Volcanic Lair

  • Jessamyn:  Inquisitor Archmagus Enkhaelen’s wife; Muriae.

Chapter 20: The Palace

  • Demathry, Senvayl:  Sapphire Army General; Trivestean.
  • Lynned, Tamorant:  Gold Army General, senvraka; Wynd.
  • Mithian:  Gold Army Psycher Archmagus.
  • Rackmar, Argus:  Imperial Field Marshal, High Templar of the White Flame.
  • te’Verdian, Mithara Dhanhala:  Empress of the Risen Phoenix, wife to Aradys VI, mother to Crown Prince Kelturin.

Chapter 21: Turo

  • Damiel, Malin:  Eldest son of Vriene and Sogan Damiel.

Chapter 24: A Memory

  • Mariss:  Inquisitor Archmagus Enkhaelen’s daughter.
  • Orrith:  Jessamyn’s brother, Enkhaelen’s brother-in-law, follower of Brancir; Muriae.



Circa Book 3:

Chapter 3: Bahlaer/Shadow Realm

  • Ardent:  Enforcer of the Shadow Folk.  Originally of Taradzur-kai.
  • Garrenson, Arn: Blaze Company lancer, Sarovy’s bodyguard; Wynd.
  • Lirayen:  Mother Matriarch of the Trifold faith in Bahlaer, part of the city council.
  • Nareth:  High Guildsman of Bahlaer, part of the city council.
  • Serinel, Merceron: Blaze Company lancer, Sarovy’s bodyguard; Trivestean/Amand.
  • Stormfollower, Jonmel: Blaze Company lancer; Jernizen.
  • Vyslin, Cambriel: Blaze Company lancer-corporal; Darronwayn.

Chapter 4: Volcanic Lair

  • Enwick, Tarren: Metastatic mage in Enkhaelen’s employ.

Chapter 6: Shadow Realm

  • Ticuo: Thin-blooded Shadow Folk enforcer from Bah-kai; Illanite.
  • Zhahri: Thin-blooded Shadow Folk enforcer of Zhangish heritage, from Taradzur-kai.

Chapter 8: Bahlaer

  • Cortine, Aran:  Enlightened Messenger of the White Flame (a subset of the Risen Imperial Light faith), assigned to Blaze Company.
  • Tanvolthene, Edarwyn: Silent Circle mage in service to the White Flame, assigned to Blaze Company.

Chapter 17: Bahlaer

  • Nachirovydry, Virarcus:  A Trivestean archer in Blaze Company, misanthropic but keenly skilled.

Chapter 22: Volcanic Lair

  • Renyer, Wydma: Metastatic mage in Enkhaelen’s employ.

Chapter 25: Pilgrimage Road

  • Yendrah: Club-footed Riddishwoman taking the pilgrimage to the Palace.