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Obligatory Halloween Horror Post 2015

It’s that time again! I am a big horror fan, though alas it seems like I haven’t read any horror novels at all this year — I was too busy going through C.J. Cherryh’s entire Foreigner series.  Dang, I’ll need … Continue reading

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Obligatory Halloween Horror Post 2014

As a writer with more than a tinge of horror in my work, I am contractually* required to post on Halloween about skulls and ghosts and witches and skeletons and ghouls and guys in hockey masks and, um, cauldrons and … Continue reading

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Influences: Pulse (and other Supernatural Horror)

I haven’t done an Influences post in a while, which is weird because I’d yet to talk about one of my biggest influences: supernatural horror.  I may present mostly the superficial fantasy trappings on this blog, but my dreams get … Continue reading

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Micro-Fiction: Mayfly

It was four o’clock and, as usual, George was dead.  As he stared at the water-stained ceiling through unfocused eyes, moved only by the stutter of his heart winding down, he reflected on the tedium of this.  Another day, another … Continue reading

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Recent Reading: Locke & Key, Theft of Swords

While I would like to have personal content for every post, some days my brain just isn’t working well enough to assemble such a thing.  Fortunately, I can fall back on my recent reading and give some short reviews! So … Continue reading

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