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Titles, Book 3

I like titling things.  I recently gave Erica a title for an upcoming short story compilation (if she decided to use that one >_>), and I have an ever-growing list of titles to someday be used for books, short stories, … Continue reading

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Monday Music: Assemblage 23 – Decades (v2)

Assemblage 23 – Decades (v2), from the album Meta.  Synthpop. I’ve used Assemblage 23 before, I know, and this particular song doesn’t have relevance to the current story, but it’s one of my favorites from this band and heavily influential … Continue reading

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Ten Books

Since everyone has been doing the ’10 Books That Have Stayed With You’ challenge recently — so many that Facebook actually compiled 130k of them to make a set of statistics — I figured I might as well.  After all, … Continue reading

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Influences: Pulse (and other Supernatural Horror)

I haven’t done an Influences post in a while, which is weird because I’d yet to talk about one of my biggest influences: supernatural horror.  I may present mostly the superficial fantasy trappings on this blog, but my dreams get … Continue reading

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What I Do With My Downtime

Not that anyone asked, but since I’m taking a few days to cool down between finishing the rough draft of The Living Throne and starting the edits, I thought I’d give a glimpse at what I do when I’m not … Continue reading

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Pragmatic Horrible (Or, My Favorite Kind of Character)

Hi there!  No content today.  Instead I want to babble about something I ended up pondering during most of my day-job: my favorite kind of character.  Some would look at the post I’m about to write and say ‘no, H., … Continue reading

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Titles, Book 2

With book 2 out (now in physical version!), I feel like talking about titles again.  I did so when I put out book 1, and people seemed interested in the ideas behind creating them, even if they didn’t click through … Continue reading

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Influences: Shojo Kakumei Utena (and other Anime/Manga)

I’ve been lax in my posting recently, and haven’t done an Influences one in a while, so since I currently have a stack of manga on my desk waiting to be read and another one on my decrepit iPad — … Continue reading

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A to Z Bookish Survey

Might as well do this one.

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On Obsession (and Bahlaer)

This is partially by request of the husband of the lovely Erica Dakin (whom I link to all the time because she is awesome) and partially because it seems to be what makes my blog interesting to some people: my … Continue reading

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