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My compadre Erica Dakin has commented a few times on how I tend to title everything — chapters, parts, etc — so I figured I’d talk a bit about that, in regards to Book 1.

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Influences: EverQuest (and other Online Roleplaying Opportunities)

I’ve mentioned before, though briefly, that I’ve played my share of MMORPGs.  I think I should confess that the only reason I’m not still playing them (and thus slacking on my writing) is because I started raiding so much that … Continue reading

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Influences: Nine Inch Nails (and other Industrial/Synthpop)

I have to admit that only some of my influences are book-based.  I love books, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes a song provides so much more inspiration than a block of prose, so I really can’t leave this side … Continue reading

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Influences: The Legend of Drizzt

Time to talk about a series that I started reading when I was around twelve, and am still reading today.  Jeez, Bob…

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Influences: The Dragonlance Chronicles

My good friend Erica Dakin has been posting about some of her literary influences recently, so I decided to write a bit about my own, as I’m low on story-based content at the moment. Whereas she posts about inspirational authors, … Continue reading

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