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Halion Ogres!

D. D. Phillips is still chugging along on the cover (post inbound within a week or so, I think!) but in the interim, when she doesn’t have access to her cover files or the energy/attention to work on all those … Continue reading

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Story Timeline

A while ago, I wrote a post about the Halion Calendar, highlighting the lunar-cycle calendar that I’ve been using to make sure my details sync up with the reality of the world.  As I’m a few chapters into Book 4 … Continue reading

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Silent Circle Mage Outfits

After drawing a rough version of Enkhaelen’s outfit as a reference for the Book 3 cover, I started thinking about the other Silent Circle mages in my story.  I describe their attire a bit, and mention that robes are the … Continue reading

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Obsessive Character Creation Disorder 2: The Gods

So I’ve been tinkering around with the Rinmaru games some more because I can’t help myself, and decided to create a bunch of characters I haven’t worked on in ages — not since the last cartoony character-creator I got sucked … Continue reading

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Trope Roulette: My Instincts Are Showing

It’s been a while, but I’m ready for a second installment of Trope Roulette!  The idea is to visit that evil time-sink of a site, TVTropes, and hit the Random button until I find something I can talk about.  This … Continue reading

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Trope Roulette: Colour-Coded For Your Convenience

Nothing to say about Curses, alas, so I’ve decided to do a similar thing to Tough Traveling, except with prompts off of TVTropes. Yes, run away now, all you people who fear getting sucked into that site.  It is one … Continue reading

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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — Companions

A bit late this week, but I got nabbed to do actual Social Things last night when normally I would have been hammering out a post, so!  I’m not terribly social on my own, and therefore must take the opportunity … Continue reading

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