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Culture Composites: Gejara

Even though the Imperial Heartlands culture composites are just one step from finished, I’ve decided to pass beyond the borders to write up the independent nation of Gejara instead.  The last Imperial province, after all, is Daecia and the Palace…

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Culture Composites: Averogne

Second-to-last of the Imperial provinces and protectorates is this quiet little place, sited in the shadow of the Rift and a vassal of the Empire for decades before the Empire invaded any other western territory.  Averogne yielded easily to the … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Muria

Continuing the Culture Composites series, this will be a short one!  And require the use of a rather haphazard map.  The target this time is Muria, the hidden homeland of the silver elementals (or Muriae) and their Primordial, Brancir.  Muria … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Darronwy

Six years later, I return to the Culture Composites series!  I’d always planned to make more, I just…never did. With this installment, we’re only one step away from finishing up all the Risen Phoenix Empire’s vassal provinces and protectorates.  Darronwy … Continue reading

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Halion Ogres!

D. D. Phillips is still chugging along on the cover (post inbound within a week or so, I think!) but in the interim, when she doesn’t have access to her cover files or the energy/attention to work on all those … Continue reading

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Story Timeline

A while ago, I wrote a post about the Halion Calendar, highlighting the lunar-cycle calendar that I’ve been using to make sure my details sync up with the reality of the world.  As I’m a few chapters into Book 4 … Continue reading

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Silent Circle Mage Outfits

After drawing a rough version of Enkhaelen’s outfit as a reference for the Book 3 cover, I started thinking about the other Silent Circle mages in my story.  I describe their attire a bit, and mention that robes are the … Continue reading

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Obsessive Character Creation Disorder 2: The Gods

So I’ve been tinkering around with the Rinmaru games some more because I can’t help myself, and decided to create a bunch of characters I haven’t worked on in ages — not since the last cartoony character-creator I got sucked … Continue reading

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Trope Roulette: My Instincts Are Showing

It’s been a while, but I’m ready for a second installment of Trope Roulette!  The idea is to visit that evil time-sink of a site, TVTropes, and hit the Random button until I find something I can talk about.  This … Continue reading

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Trope Roulette: Colour-Coded For Your Convenience

Nothing to say about Curses, alas, so I’ve decided to do a similar thing to Tough Traveling, except with prompts off of TVTropes. Yes, run away now, all you people who fear getting sucked into that site.  It is one … Continue reading

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