Writing Goals 2023

Brief update here, since we’ve flipped from one year to the next.

I have finished my extended holiday from writing, since I completed the rough draft of Book 2 (tentatively titled The Fading Saint) circa early November. I got good feedback from an alpha reader, so I already have a plan for the parallel redraft.

Thus, my 2023 writing goals are:

  • 1) Parallel draft (aka 2nd draft) of The Fading Saint.
  • 2) Rough draft of Book 3, The Goddess Revenant.
  • 3) Finally publishing Book 6 of the War of Memory Cycle, The Eye of Night.

I put Book 6 last because it’s dependent on my cover artist, who’s had a lot of upheavals over the past few years. Since I’ve been self-publishing that series, I’ve chosen to just wait — I lost any momentum years ago, circa Book 4, so I just want to finish up the series the way I started it.

This new series (folder name Graveborn World, rough series title Tzimayat by Curselight) is something I want to pitch and traditionally publish, so it requires a different approach. I don’t intend to pitch this year, because I want to at least have finished the rough draft of B3 (as seen in plan above) before I polish up Book 1 (needing its final draft) and start pitching. In which case the plan for that is 2024.

I’ve already started the parallel draft — chapter 1 down! Hopefully I will clear at least a chapter a week, and be happy with all the changes I make. I have a reasonably fleshed-out outline for Book 3, with space for expansion, so that’s looking like a good prospect as well.

I really should update this blog, so we can pretend that’s 4) for this year, but I won’t bet on it!

Anyway…onward, into the new year!


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  1. mcat711 says:

    Good luck and happy writing! BTW, I think I’ve finally figured out how to force WordPress to acknowledge me when I comment. If the skull-in-the-moon doesn’t appear next to this, I’ll know I was wrong!

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