Still Still Alive!

Three months later, another no-content-yes-progress update!

Also, I have changed some stuff, and so I should change the info on this banner (since I changed the name of the continent!), but I haven’t yet:

Book 2, The Fading Saint, now has a completed rough draft in the hands of an alpha reader. Book 1, The Godbone Blade, is still in the hands of a beta reader, and I’ve identified details and trends throughout the world that will need to be tweaked. So it goes.

Book 2 turned out to be 17 chapters, and is about the same size as Book 1, which I’m happy about. I’ve been trying to make them approximately the same length, and much smaller than the War of Memory books.

The War of Memory final book is (again) still coming. Many upheavals in my artist’s life. Since I’m self-published, I have the luxury of putting the books out whenever I want (though ASAP would be my choice if I could) and I want to have her covers on all of them instead of slapping something else on there just to placate my need to publish. I hate to make folks wait, but I want to do it right (though if anyone desperately wanted the book and reads this blog, there’s the comment field below….)

Anyway, taking a little break for the November holiday, then back to the grind.

That’s all for now!


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Worldbuilder. Self-published writer.
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