Titles, Book 5

b5cropbanner(Past) time to do another of my explanatory detail posts on my books

It’s been a while since the Titles, Book 4 post, not to mention the others — and the Book 5 publication as well! — but I like writing these things.  Detailing my influences and references, most of them musical, some philosophical, some just because they sound cool.  So!  On to the Book 5 titles…

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Temharat Story: Curseworks

Book 6 update: Possibly final beta reader has given me his feedback.  Still awaiting cover!

Meanwhile, I’m skipping away from Halci and the War of Memory Cycle for a bit, to draft the start of a different series in a different world.  It’s tentatively named ‘Graveborn World’ in my files, but that doesn’t encompass all that it is, so….consider that temporary.  One of the continents (though often called ‘the island’) is Temharat — thus the post title here.

See inside: new characters, new troubles!  Also, this is sort of a teaser/pre-novel snippet which might get bundled with said novel, so it ends a little abruptly, despite being fairly long.  Anyway, enjoy!


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Pre-Series Short Story: Ash and Smoke

Book 6 update: Waiting on cover things!  Uh…also I suppose I should probably format it and stuff, but another beta reader is still looking through that so no point in doing it yet, right?  I’m also working on another story in another world, so keep an ear out for that.

Meanwhile, we begin the Ardent (Nemirin Ereshti) short stories with this one, Ash and Smoke.  Like with the Sarovy stories, I’ll be going chronologically through them (unless I get clobbered by inspiration for an out-of-order story).


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Book 5 Print, Spine and Backplate

Just a quick update today. Book 5, The Bloodied Army, is now available in print format. I spent my weekend fighting with KDP’s statuses, constantly sending the book to print only for it to revert to Draft in moments, only to realize that one of my settings is wrong — but the damn thing doesn’t indicate what or why. But anyway, print!

Here is the full (temporary) cover image. My artist still wants to do the card version, but it will just have to wait on time and energy.

Book 6 is basically complete but requires formatting, extras, probably another set of eyes just for luck….and of course a cover. We’re working on it though!

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Pre-Series Short Story: Assumption

Book 6 update: Currently going through the final draft doing last tweaks, trims and error corrections.  Found a big continuity error today!  Yaaaay.  ::sigh::

Meanwhile, the Firkad Sarovy short stories conclude with this one, Assumption.  It’s the (rather short) wrap-up of all of his pre-series stories, and thus references things that have gone before, so having read them all (listed below) is strongly recommended.

Sarovy has just recently turned 19, the age of inheritance in Tevestys.  Unfortunately, the Imperials have invaded Tevestys’ rituals as well as its politics.

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Pre-Series Short Story: Cold Rage

Book 6 update: My alpha reader has finished going over the main draft.  Starting next week, I’ll be doing the final draft tweaks — I don’t have many notes on them, which is nice, but there’s always plenty of unnecessary verbosity I need to assassinate.

The Firkad Sarovy short stories continue with this one, Cold Rage!  This directly follows both The Lay of the Land and Feathered Wolf, so make sure to read those first.

In The Lay of the Land, Sarovy was 14; in Feathered Wolf, he was 17.  This is a year later, putting him at 18 during a turning point in the relationship between Tevestys and the wolf-clans.  The Imperials have taken an interest…to everyone’s detriment.

This isn’t exactly a Start of Darkness, but neither is it a fun time for anyone.

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Pre-Series Short Story: Feathered Wolf

Still here, still writing (and editing)!  Book 6 is currently knee-deep in the Main Draft edits, with not much further work needed so far — but we’ll see what my editor says about my end chapters.

In short story news, the Firkad Sarovy stories continue with this one, Feathered Wolf!  This one follows The Lay of the Land, which should definitely be read first, as the wolf-clan plot-line continues.

In The Lay of the Land, Sarovy was 14.  This is three years later, putting him at 17 during an escalation of the war between two of the wolf-clans that border his assigned outpost.  But the situation, as always, is never just about fighting, and he has choices to make.

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Book 6 Update: October

Just a brief update. I’ve finished the Main Draft of Book 6, The Eye of Night. It’s currently out for a first full read before my editor and I start going over it chapter by chapter. I’m about 85% satisfied at this time, but I have a few specific sections to tweak a bit, and the ending (as it’s the series finale) definitely needs some more work.

My schedule is still a bit crimped by my Day Job’s new parameters, so I only really get two days a week to do serious writing. I’ll be taking next week off from that, but then starting work on another short story.

That’s pretty much it!

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Pre-Series Short Story: Stone Heart

Time for the third Firkad Sarovy short story.  This takes place during his stint in the Sapphire Youth Corps, at the age of twelve — so it comes after Gargoyle Claws and before The Lay of the Land.

Not a big event, just a window into some of the relationship difficulties inherent in being Tevestyn.

There are probably three more short stories coming in Young Sarovy’s little arc, but my new work schedule makes it a bit tough to write them in my usual productive period.  It might be a while before they come out, alas.

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Pre-Series Short Story: Gargoyle Claws

Here comes my second Firkad Sarovy short story!  This is set well before the series, as it takes place on the eve (more or less) of his joining the Sapphire Youth Corps.  Which would make him six, going on seven.

He was not the most manageable of kids.

The short stories I’ve been writing for him (one more actually written and a few more planned) are part of an arc that’s only partially shown in the novels.  As I was sketching out my plans for post-series stuff, I realized that the character novellas I wanted to write couldn’t include some material, because of the narrators and time-period they covered.  These, therefore (and the Enkhaelen stories) fill in some of the gaps, and if they ever go to print, will be bundled with the novellas for their particular character.

But!  That’s for the future!

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