The Drowning Dark — Published!

As of right now, The Drowning Dark (Book 4 of the War of Memory Cycle) is available on Amazon as an ebook and (soon) a print book!  The processing tends to take longer on the print format than on the ebook format, for whatever reason.

In all, this series is a post-medieval high-magic multicultural dark fantasy, with touches of both science fiction and horror.  (Okay, that’s a mouthful.)  It’s just finished its ‘adventure’ phase and is beginning its ‘epic’ phase.  It includes strong themes of identity, trauma, imperialism, religious conflict, LGBTQIA, and some serious body horror.  I enjoy writing that last part maybe a bit too much.

If you haven’t read any but think you might be interested, check out the pages for Book 1 (The Light of Kerrindryr), Book 2 (The Splintered Eye) and Book 3 (The Living Throne)!

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Early Books Updated!

Anyone who knows me personally is aware that I am a lunatic perfectionist.  Even in a hazy discipline like writing, I have to Make It Right — and so none of you should be surprised that while I was waiting for the Book 4 cover to be completed, I went back and did new edits of the previous three books.

I call the updates the Omega Versions — because I hope to never touch them again.

That being said, it’s important to go over what’s changed.  This won’t matter for new readers, but all you stalwarts that made it through the first versions deserve to know everything.

And thus….the change log.

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The Drowning Dark — Teaser!

Finally, I am close enough to post a Teaser for book 4, The Drowning Dark!

For previous books, I included the teaser in a normal post, but as spoilery as those things are, I realized it’s not a good idea to present them that way.  So the teaser is on its own page under the book’s heading on The Stories bar above — as are all the other teasers.

It’s about five pages of the first chapter, picking up immediately after the end of The Living Throne.  Enjoy!

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Book 4 Cover — Complete!

Through stresses untold and crashes unnumbered, we have fought our way here to the print cover–  Ahem.

First, the card:

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Monday Music: Edge of Dawn – Beyond the Gate

Edge of Dawn – Beyond the Gate.  Synthpop.

Ignoring the cover, this is one of my favorite albums — and this specific song is possibly my favorite on it.  I like songs for stupid character reasons sometimes, and beside my general enjoyment of the instrumentation, the kicker for me in this one is how on-point it is lyrically for a couple characters and incidents in Book 3 — specifically Enkhaelen and Geraad Iskaen.  You could pretty much place this song in Enkhaelen’s mouth to sing to Geraad at the end of chapter 29.

(Yes, I do think of the story as a musical sometimes.)

With Book 4 swiftly approaching on the horizon, I decided to revisit this song as a bit of a reminder.  I think the shattering sounds in the background at the end adequately sum up the action at the end of the book.

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Book 4 Cover Process #3

Previously, on Cover Process #2:


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Interrupting Tortoise

So it’s been a while since I updated, though not for lack of progress of various sorts.  I have to show you why I can’t make progress today, though.

This is my neighbor’s tortoise.  This is also my house.  Do I know which neighbor owns the tortoise?  No.  Does it belong in my house?  No.  Does it want to be in my house?  Nooooot really.

(I’m currently writing this from the backyard, where it’s taking offense to the chainlink fence.)

How did I end up with someone else’s tortoise?  A kindly passerby saw it strolling down my street, stopped her car and rang my doorbell.  Most people on this block aren’t around at noon on a Thurday (I have learned this by ringing a lot of doorbells today) but Thursday happens to be one of my days off, so here I am.  My cover artist is also here, on the first day of her visit, so we popped our heads out to see what was going on.

Now, I’ve seen this tortoise or one of its friends before, trundling down my road.  They are apparently escape artists, and this one’s pretty energetic when it gets going.  It doesn’t really let anything stop it either.  So after I managed to urge it off the road, it decided to go up my walkway and then into my house.

Alas, I have no tortoise food, and it’s a bit ornery, so to make sure it doesn’t stay long, I put up  bunch of posters.  DID YOU LOSE A TORTOISE?  CALL ME.  PLEASE.

Now we’re in the backyard, playing the waiting portion of this game.  When does its owner get home?  Will they see the posters?  Who knows?  Life is an adventure.

This is why I’ve gotten nearly no editing done today.

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