Monday Music: Halloween Edition

I was never particularly a goth.  I wore a lot of black during high school, but that was influenced as much by being a theater techie as by my choice of music — especially since at that time I was neck-deep in Nine Inch Nails, which isn’t goth but industrial.  I went to goth clubs with friends in college, but certainly didn’t blend in there, and my roommate always had to apply my eyeliner because I’d banished all makeup from my presence after quitting dance as a kid.  (That frickin’ stage makeup, ugh.)

However, I did find a lot to like about the music in the club, especially as much of it dovetailed with my pre-existing interest in horror and the macabre.  Since we’re nearing Halloween, it seems a good time for songs specifically about horror tropes.

First we visit Lordi from Finland, back when they won the 2006 Eurovision contest with Hard Rock Hallelujah.  There’s a big subset of dark metal that wears elaborate masks or costumes in concert, affecting monstrous personas; Lordi went so far as to make a horror movie in those personas, which I personally enjoyed okay don’t judge me!  The normal music video is here, though not of great quality.

Next we have Gothminister from Norway, whose song Monster asks a relevant question!

(My second favorite of theirs is Darkside, for anyone interested.  It actually has a proper music video.)

Here are The Gothic Archies warning us about all those damn Crows — a departure from the power metal riffs of earlier, but a good segue into a more thoughtful kind of horror.  This is actually from an album related to the Series of Unfortunate Events books, with occasional accordion-playing by ‘Lemony Snicket’ himself.

And here is Diorama, previously mentioned though not yet featured, bringing us some Edgar Allan Poe in synthpop format.  (Alas, the transcription of the quote in that video is terrible: much better here.)

Finally, we have The Birthday Massacre, whom I just can’t resist these days, channeling their persuasive vampire abilities into Surrender.  Ugh…must…stop…posting entire discography…

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7 Responses to Monday Music: Halloween Edition

  1. Erica Dakin says:

    Her Liquid Arms is one of the best fecking songs ever.

  2. That Birthday Massacre, though! I love this feature. I should try something like this. Mind if I steal? ^_^

    • Hit it! I should probably do less of it but my writing is so connected to the music I listen to that I just have to share sometimes.

      • I know exactly what you mean. Music is highly integral to writing, for me. I love learning what other writers listen to because, so often, others listen to instrumental music, and I’m over here like “Metal. Hardcore. Hell, anything *with* lyrics.” >.<

      • I can’t listen to music while I’m in the process of writing, but it’s essential to me for setting up the scenes before I write them. I have a lot of songs that are coded to certain characters, or that I use for their specific moods, so it’s easier to slide into their skin. And I have constructed entire scenes around the lyrics or … I don’t quite have a word for it … the movement and force of a song.

      • Ah, okay. I gotcha. Equally as cool. :]

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