Monday Music: The Birthday Massacre – Pins and Needles

The Birthday Massacre – Pins and Needles, from the album Pins and Needles.  Goth rock.

As I get toward the end of Book 3 and start putting out chapter-title lists and their inspirations, you’ll be seeing more of The Birthday Massacre.  I wanted to bring up this one though, because it’s not relevant to any particular chapter but was influential to the book as a whole.  The phrase gets mentioned a time or two in the text, and overall I like to think that there’s an ‘unused memories/conscience waking up’ sort of theme to a few of the character arcs.

That being said, the album version above isn’t my favorite take on the song.  I prefer the one from the EP Imaginary Monsters, remixed by Tim Skold (formerly of KMFDM).

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