Book 4 Progress Report: September

I know I haven’t been posting much.  Spinning the rough draft of Book 4 from cobwebs and moonbeams has been draining; I don’t have nearly as much detail in these later notes as I did with the first three books.  That has been a bit of a curse for my energy-levels, but is probably a blessing in other ways, since the first three books took a tortuous path toward production that Book 4 will likely avoid.

It’s going well so far, despite eating all my brainpower.  I have the two main threads mostly nailed down, and I’m beginning to find my way with the lesser threads.  The villains’ voices are starting to make sense to me.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve researched so far in this book.  I started Chapter 15 today, which is still just shy of the halfway point, so these correspond to early-book events.  Heh.

Internet!  Speak to me about concussion symptoms and prevalence!

Ooo, how about some septic shock?  (I’ll spare you the pictures.)

What are the effects of an adrenaline shot?  Hmm, not quite what I need…

While I think about that, tell me about overwintering fish in ponds!

I’ll also pick up some black lights.  The Shadow Folk will love them.  …They already have them?  Crud.

I bet they don’t know the history of the pencil!

What do you mean, that has nothing to do with anything?

Well then, show me a purple-gold color.  I dare you!

vallindas-colorOkay then.

Right now, I have several more images awaiting me, ready to inspire the rest of chapter fifteen.  Let’s see….there’s this one:

091_Sisters_Quartet_LgAnd this one:

451986_v1And this one!

9467faacc87ccc955083af319626dfa8What do you mean, I can’t keep it?  Awwww but it’s so pretty

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