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The Blaze Company Files #1

Assault with Permanent Damage, AAR V. Nachirovydry vs. SGR S. te’Rivian

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The Nemesis Variations: Love

[Excerpt from current version of book 1.] Abruptly, Morshoc said, “I came for you because they want you dead.”

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Gwydren and the Lion

[Excerpt from an old draft of book 1, circa 2009] Cob shook his head and looked away.  “Stories are stories.”

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Deleted Scenes: Book 1, Chapter 1

The boy stared into the fog-choked ravine.  Wan light pricked through the clouds in places, glossing the old hard ice and drawing rainbows in the haze.  Meltwater trickled around his goat-hide boots to fall in thin rivulets from the ledge.  … Continue reading

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