The Blaze Company Files #1

Assault with Permanent Damage, AAR V. Nachirovydry vs. SGR S. te’Rivian

15th Mark, Cylanost 20th, 171 Imperial Reckoning

Blaze Company at Central Bahlaen Garrison

In attendance Archer-Lieutenant G. Sengith, Shield-Lieutenant Gellart, Medic L. Moren

Complainant (Archer First Rank Virarcus Nachirovydry of First Archer Platoon ‘Mountain Shot’) reported to office at approx. 14th mark, having come direct from infirmary with Archer-Lieutenant Sengith as escort.  At first glance, AAR Nachirovydry appeared disheveled but calm.  Uniform askew, stained on right side and back with dirt, front with substance claimed as blood.  Brought as evidence handkerchief containing two broken teeth (bottom left canine and first premolar).

AAR Nachirovydry claimed that at approx. 13th mark of same day, defendant (Shield Seventh Rank Sirattin te’Rivian of First Infantry Platoon ‘Long Road’) incited scuffle with him over politics relating to Trivestean/Riddish affairs, which led to broken teeth and cracked jaw.  Jaw subsequently repaired by Medic Lisana Moren, but teeth not able to be replaced.  As injured party, demanded punishment toward aggressor.

At that point, I sent Lancer-Sergeant P. Benson—in attendance from previous meeting—to retrieve SGR te’Rivian and Shield-Lieutenant Gellart, who arrived within a quarter mark.  At first glance, SGR te’Rivian appeared disheveled and also nervous or fearful.  Uniform coat torn, deep scratches on left cheek beside eye, dirt on elbows and back of uniform trousers.

In response to AAR Nachirovydry’s complaint, SGR te’Rivian claimed another as conversational provocateur and accused AAR Nachirovydry of initiating attack during heated but otherwise nonviolent debate.  SGR te’Rivian indicated facial scratches as evidence of assault on himself, claiming AAR Nachirovydry ‘shrieked like a mad thing and tried to claw my eyes out’ after a comment by defendant on the outcome of the Siege of Fort Keil (165 IR).

Worth noting that SGR te’Rivian belongs to ruling family of nomadic Rivian clan of Riddian, which participated in the Siege of Fort Keil, while AAR Nachirovydry is a Trivestean Fortholder native to Fort Tyner, which absorbed many of the refugees of Fort Keil when it fell.

AAR Nachirovydry admitted to the attempted eye-gouge but claimed to have acted in self-defense during scuffle, not as the aggressor.

At this time I requested that Medic Moren treat SGR te’Rivian, as he had not sought infirmary attention.  Treatment uncovered bruising, scrapes, other nail gouges on back and side of neck and in scalp.  Medic Moren indicated that no bruising had been present on AAR Nachirovydry prior to treatment.

When questioned about the third-party conversational provocateur, SGR te’Rivian accused Archer Third Rank Vanandrys Vayle and Archer Eighth Rank Rinten Finvarson, both of First Archer Platoon, of assisting in the incitement of the scuffle.  ACR Vayle is a Trivestean Fortholder, AHR Finvarson a Trivestean lowlander.  AAR Nachirovydry suggested that I call them in to report their sides of the story, at which time I noted SGR te’Rivian develop a defeated appearance.

Personal note pertinent to this case: I, Captain Firkad Sarovy of Blaze Company, am a Trivestean Fortholder native to Fort Igen, which my family controls.  Fort Igen also absorbed a portion of Fort Keil’s refugees post-fall, but I was not in residence at the time and have not been in formal contact with either Fort since 159 IR.

Considering the facts presented and the demeanor of complainant and defendant, at that point I was forced to conclude that this complaint was not simply for inflicted damages but intended as a bullying tactic toward the Riddish soldier (SGR te’Rivian) by the Trivestean soldier (AAR Nachirovydry) in the tacit belief that I am similarly vengeful and thus will inflict the maximum penalty upon the defendant.

This is a tactic I have observed many times in my dealings with fellow Trivestean Fortholders, whether or not I have been in a command position.  It is used with the most fervor against the Riddish but can be turned against any ‘outsider’, whether that be an individual from another kingdom or a Trivestean lowlander.  Fortholders by nature are solitary and vicious, and when forced into close proximity with others are known to lash out at the smallest slights—most often against those perceived as outsiders but sometimes even against their own.  The fact that SGR te’Rivian suffered only cuts and scrapes indicates that AAR Nachirovydry was either put down quickly or restrained.

I am also well aware of the physical capabilities of Riddish folk.  They are heavyset where Trivesteans are light, and it is well-known among Trivesteans that to let one within arm’s reach is to court disaster.  Therefore, in light of the single impact apparent on AAR Nachirovydry as compared to the multiple cuts, scrapes, bruises and gouges on SGR te’Rivian, it appeared evident that the complainant acted as the aggressor.

Understanding this, then, made SGR te’Rivian’s reluctance to step forward as the complainant or seek medic attention—both of which, it seemed, would have been reasonable for him to do—quite obvious.  I have not been in this command for long, and have not had the opportunity to prove to my men, Trivestean or otherwise, the truth of my statements that they are all equal beneath my eye.

Therefore I declined to call in either ACR Vayle or AHR Finvarson, aware that their stories would only support AAR Nachirovydry’s.

During my deliberation, AAR Nachirovydry continued to rant about the inciting discussion, frequently glancing to me as if to gauge my level of agreement.  SGR te’Rivian continued to withdraw.

I instructed AAR Nachirovydry to be silent so that I could pronounce my decision, which he did with bad grace, no longer calm but having worked himself into a visible fervor.

As per Crown Prince Kelturin Aradysson’s instructions on permanent damage or disability, I levied upon SGR te’Rivian the option of physical punishment (seven lashes per tooth), bodily retribution (the loss of the two corresponding teeth), or blood payment (ten rith per tooth).  SGR te’Rivian chose the lash.  In addition, I levied upon both SGR te’Rivian and AAR Nachirovydry the standard ten lashes for fighting, plus five to Nachirovydry for assault with attempt to maim.  When AAR Nachirovydry protested the additional lashes, I informed him that the injuries as presented clearly indicated his intent to remove at least one of SGR te’Rivian’s eyes, which would have required a permanent damage or disability charge of fifty lashes or five sel, neither of which he could afford.

At his continued argument, I levied an additional two lashes for contempt.

Though AAR Nachirovydry still appeared wroth, I permitted his lieutenant to remove him from my office for a private conversation.  With only SGR te’Rivian and Shield-Lieutenant Gellart in attendance, I reiterated the reason for my decisions and also my view that, as we are all exiles here in the west, we are none of us better than the other except where Army rank demands.

SGR te’Rivian accepted my decision with good grace and was escorted out by his lieutenant to take his punishment.

I affirm that all herein is true, by my honor and faith in the Light of Empire,

Cpt. Firkad Sarovy, Blaze Company, Crimson Claw Third Army

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