The Blaze Company Files #2

Drunk and Disorderly, SBR G. Vintara, SCR G. Vintara, SGR G. Belrekkothe, SBR C. Satherson

30th Mark, Cylanost 22nd, 171 Imperial Reckoning

Blaze Company at Central Bahlaen Garrison

In attendance Shield-Lieutenant Arlin, Lancer-Corporal T. Virn, Lancer-Corporal A. Wolfsden, Medic L. Moren, Scryer M. Yrsian, Shield-Sergeant S. Rallant

Complaint registered at office at approximately 27th mark of four soldiers misbehaving at local tavern.  Myself and First Lancer Platoon (‘Flatlands’) Second Section responded to said tavern, the Sword and Sheathe, at north corner of Garrison and North Market cross-streets.  At Sword and Sheathe, we witnessed the four accused (Shield Second Rank Grionsa Vintara, Shield Third Rank Getti Vintara, Shield Seventh Rank Gegne Belrekkothe, and Shield Second Rank Cale Satherson, all of Second Infantry Platoon ‘Bloodthirst’) in obvious states of intoxication, variously engaged in shouting, shoving, throwing of objects, intimidating gestures and behavior toward civilians, and other disorderly conduct.

Upon challenge, SGR Belrekkothe immediately surrendered and was apprehended by Lancer-Corporal Talauris Virn.  SBR Satherson continued verbal conflict with civilian, while SBR Vintara and SCR Vintara turned attention to myself and lancers but persisted in disorderly behavior, including drunken criticism of ‘sand-sucking army shit-policy’ and low opinions of local rent-women as compared to Brother Islands rent-women.  In the interest of not injuring anyone, I instructed the lancers to herd SBR and SCR Vintara from the tavern rather than grapple.  Several civilians assisted in urging SBR and SCR Vintara to the door.

While overseeing this exit, it was brought to my attention that Lancer-Corporal Aron Wolfsden had opted to put SBR Satherson in a headlock in order to remove him from his escalating conflict with the civilian.  The maneuver was completed before I had the opportunity to voice my disapproval.  Not wishing to further disrupt the trade of the Sword and Sheathe, I left my contact information with the owner (Mr. Pell) with instructions to inform us of damages when possible.

Defendants escorted to my office, arriving approx. 28th mark.  Shield-Lieutenant Arlin arrived shortly thereafter.

SGR Belrekkothe appeared most sober of the four, also most contrite and least disheveled, though oddly disoriented.  Explained that the four of them, along with three others from Second Infantry Platoon (named as Shield-Corporal Borgoth and SDR S. Coppersmith of Section Two, and SDR T. Tiscilla of Section Four) went off duty at approx. 20th mark this day and proceeded to the Sword and Sheathe for recreation.  SDR Tiscilla reportedly paid for an assignation with a rent-woman and departed the group at approx. 21st mark, while Shield-Corporal Borgoth and SDR Coppersmith returned to garrison around 23rd mark.

SGR Belrekkothe indicated uncertainty as to how much alcohol was consumed or how much time had passed after the departure of Shield-Corporal Borgoth and SDR Coppersmith, appearing confused at the statement of the current mark.  SBR Vintara and SCR Vintara were similarly incapable of estimating the time and also disoriented, speaking amongst themselves in Islander as if attempting to understand the situation.  SBR Satherson estimated properly and exhibited no disorientation despite obvious inebriation and continued belligerence.

As I started to address the Brothers Vintara, they abruptly became hostile, refusing to communicate in Imperial and struggling with the lancers who had brought them in.  The lancers succeeded in restraining both soldiers despite SBR Satherson’s verbal incitement for them to continue fighting.  SBR Satherson was again put in a headlock by Lancer-Corporal Wolfsden despite not physically joining the conflict, and I was forced to reprimand Wolfsden.

At this point, I sent Lancer-Corporal Virn to retrieve Medic Moren and Scryer Yrsian.

SBR Satherson continued his verbal tirade until just before the arrival of the Medic, at which point he abruptly became nauseated and was taken outside by Lancer-Corporal Wolfsden, with Shield-Lieutenant Arlin overseeing.

SBR Vintara and SCR Vintara still required restraints at the time that the Medic arrived.  She examined them despite their thrashing but could not determine what had brought their sudden aberrant behavior on, stating that she had never seen such a disoriented reaction to intoxication.

Scryer Yrsian arrived not long after, and examined all four defendants.  In SBR Vintara, SCR Vintara and SGR Belrekkothe, she indicated the presence of fractured thought-patterns similar to what she had seen in western soldiers just after the inoculations.  (I note here that the Brothers Vintara both come from the Brother Islands in the Lisalhan Ocean, while SGR Belrekkothe comes to us from Averogne.)  In fact, Shield-Lieutenant Arlin pointed out that the Brothers Vintara were among those afflicted with illness after the inoculation.  SBR Satherson, however, was simply drunk.

Once again, I sent Lancer-Corporal Virn to fetch Shield-Sergeant Rallant of First Shield Platoon.

Scryer Yrsian made adjustments to the conditioning on the Brothers Vintara until Shield-Sergeant Rallant’s arrival.  Her work and the Shield-Sergeant’s specialist influence succeeded in calming both men down, though they did not immediately regain mental clarity and still refused to communicate in Imperial.  Medic Moren recommended that they be taken to the infirmary overnight for detoxification under guard.  I discharged them to her care along with a lancer escort and instructed Shield-Lieutenant Arlin to pull from his platoon to replace the lancers as soon as possible.

SGR Belrekkothe recovered from his disorientation after treatment by Scryer Yrsian and Shield-Sergeant Rallant, and as his witnessed behavior had not been disrupted, I discharged him to the infirmary without guard.  SBR Satherson I had removed to the garrison’s gaol to dry out the old-fashioned way.

With the four defendants seen to, I again reprimanded Lancer-Corporal Wolfsden for use of unnecessary force in dealing with fellow soldiers.  He insisted that he ‘knew Satherson’s type’ and that ‘if I hadn’ta done it, he woulda blacked someone’s eye, at least’.  While I indicated my understanding of his opinion, I stressed the need for non-assault-based solutions to nonviolent problems and fined him five nar for misbehavior.  He paid immediately.

Note here: I am beginning a ‘trouble fund’ for fines paid to the Company rather than to injured parties.  Coin forfeited through fines will be used to support the Company in the event of municipal or civilian fines levied upon us for our operations.

At the time of this writing, I have sent Lancer-Corporal Virn to discover the whereabouts of SDR Tiscilla and discern whether or not he requires scryer intervention.  I have not heard from the Sword and Sheathe regarding fines and do not expect to until the morning.  Formal charges will also wait until the defendants have recovered.

I affirm that all herein is true, by my honor and faith in the Light of Empire,

Cpt. Firkad Sarovy, Blaze Company, Crimson Claw Third Army

Amendment: 10th mark, Cylanost 23rd.

Repair and unpaid tab fees in from Mr. Pell, amounting to ten rith in total.  Sent payment immediately from general fund.  Tab indicates SBR Satherson at twice the amount of either Brother Vintara and four times SGR Belrekkothe.  Have recommended three days gaol time and three rith fine to SBR Satherson for drunk and disorderly with contempt, three rith fine to each SBR and SCR Vintara for drunk and disorderly, one rith fine to SGR Belrekkothe for public drunkenness, to be paid to the general fund.

SDR Tiscilla located in upstairs room at Sword and Sheathe with fully paid rent-woman, both seeming of good cognition.  Left to own devices overnight, reported back at garrison at 8th mark with no apparent issues.

Will be speaking with Shield-Sergeant Rallant further on continued ill effects of inoculation on western troops.

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