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Tough Traveling with Fantasy Review Barn — Ancient Engineering Projects

I just noticed (like, five minutes ago) that my favorite review blog has started doing a take on Dianne Wynne Jones’ classic Tough Guide to Fantasyland.  I got a copy of the book quite a while ago, and it easily … Continue reading

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Non-Imperial and Clan Flags

I previously posted my attempt at making flags for my Imperial protectorates, some of which worked, some of which didn’t.  I can’t say that my skills with the GIMP2 program have particularly improved, but I do have a few more … Continue reading

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Some Cover Tweaks

Since we’ve been hacking at the book 2 physical cover, trying to make it fit and look right, a few tweaks have come up — including ones that I decided should be passed on to the ebook.  So my apologies … Continue reading

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Culture Composites: Amandon

Book 2 features the protectorate of Amandon as one of its settings, though since Cob is constitutionally incapable of actually going into a city, it spends more time as backdrop.  Nevertheless, it has its details like all of the other … Continue reading

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Book Spine and Backplate, Book 2

This is the last post for the book 2 cover, starting with the completed ebook cover:

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Book 2 Cover Process #3

The cover is almost done.  Just a day or two now, I think.  But since the artist is out doing holiday shopping, I figured I might as well get this post out of the way with the most recent process.

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Imperial Protectorate Flags

Fellow blogger Buffy was just squeeing over how much she likes flags, so I started thinking about my territories’ flags…  I’ve always had some notes on them, but only ever made one of them while I was playing as it … Continue reading

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Book 2 Cover Process #2

First off: apologies for being away so long.  My computer monitor died, I ordered a new monitor and computer, then the monitor came but needs an adaptor, then my iPad died, and now I’m on a library computer still waiting … Continue reading

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Book Spine and Backplate, Book 1

Hi there, everyone who just showed up because Pauline M Ross is awesome!  Nice to see you.  I wasn’t planning on posting tonight — it’s a work night and my feet are sore — but then I remembered I had … Continue reading

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Book 2 Cover Process #1

Back to the fun thing I like to call ‘nitpicking my artist until she drives across state lines to stab me with a kitchen knife’! Previously, on The Cover of Book 2:

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