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Halion Ogres!

D. D. Phillips is still chugging along on the cover (post inbound within a week or so, I think!) but in the interim, when she doesn’t have access to her cover files or the energy/attention to work on all those … Continue reading

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Book 4 Cover Process #1


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Book 4 Prep: Maps

With the beta readers at work and the cover art being produced, the time has come for me to work on my maps again.  This damn book covers almost the whole of the north, plus it hangs around in Bahlaer … Continue reading

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Fun With Paperdolls 2

It’s been approximately a million years since I did art-related things, despite the fact that I have a to-do list with half a dozen maps and far more paperdolls to work on.  However, it takes me almost a day per … Continue reading

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Authors Answer 82 – Cover Art

I wish I could provide an update on the Book 4 cover art with this one, but alas, there’s not much yet.  The banner is from my mock-up. Question 82 – How did you get your cover art done? All … Continue reading

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Book 4 Progress Report: November

Clearly I’ve been scarce recently on the posting front, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working.  So let’s see what’s changed since September. Due to taking a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday (too much going on with various … Continue reading

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Titles, Book 3

I like titling things.  I recently gave Erica a title for an upcoming short story compilation (if she decided to use that one >_>), and I have an ever-growing list of titles to someday be used for books, short stories, … Continue reading

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Axial Tilt, Latitude and Other Planet Details

It’s been a while since I did a worldbuilding post.  This one will be thin, because I just have a few points of data rather than anything particularly visual or interesting, but my friend Chris and I spent most of … Continue reading

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Fun With Paperdolls 1

After doing the Silent Circle Mage Outfits post, I had a ‘duh’ moment — why am I dressing random mages when I should dress the actual characters? Because of the computer crash, I had to reconstitute my paperdoll file, so … Continue reading

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Silent Circle Mage Outfits

After drawing a rough version of Enkhaelen’s outfit as a reference for the Book 3 cover, I started thinking about the other Silent Circle mages in my story.  I describe their attire a bit, and mention that robes are the … Continue reading

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