Fun With Paperdolls 1

After doing the Silent Circle Mage Outfits post, I had a ‘duh’ moment — why am I dressing random mages when I should dress the actual characters?

Because of the computer crash, I had to reconstitute my paperdoll file, so only just got back to the project, but I did manage to put together a quick Cob-as-pilgrim pic, circa book 3.  The pilgrim robe is a simple off-the-rack pull-on affair — nothing like a Light priest’s robe, which I’ll do next.

And because it’s Cob, I made a version of him-as-pilgrim for a typical Cob day.

Our hero, Destroyer of Clothing.

Paperdoll, as before, by Alexandra Fitzgerald.

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2 Responses to Fun With Paperdolls 1

  1. Erica Dakin says:

    I like how his robe is mid-calf. Longest one available I bet? Tall Cob is tall…

    • Pretty much. And his Guardian-inspired growth spurt is over, but he’s still just seventeen, so he might get taller and totally not fit in any Kerrindrixi dwelling ever again.

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