Fun With Paperdolls 2

It’s been approximately a million years since I did art-related things, despite the fact that I have a to-do list with half a dozen maps and far more paperdolls to work on.  However, it takes me almost a day per paperdoll, because I’m bad at designing so I’m constantly deleting and retrying things, plus struggling to figure out how to actually draw them.

So two of the paperdolls here have actually been complete for a while.  I can’t remember when I actually did Enlightened Messenger Cortine, but it might have been before I started Book 4.  Here he is in the best I could do for his vestments; just imagine all that wing stuff is embroidery:


Much more recent is this design for Captain Sarovy’s Blaze Company uniform.  It can also be seen on the cover mock-up I did for Book 4, but I wanted to add it to the paperdoll catalogue so I redrew it:


As you can see, I also tried to make the paperdoll look a bit more like Sarovy.  Alas, I met with only limited success.

Finally, today I decided to try making Sarovy’s Sapphire uniform, from back when he was an outpost commander there.  I might have gone a bit crazy with the embossed metallics, but …  okay, I have no excuse.


I still don’t really like the bracer things or the belt, but as I said, I’m not a designer.  I can see that there are problems, but I can’t say exactly what they are or figure out how to fix them.  Still, I feel like I’m slowly getting better at this — and maybe eventually I’ll manage more than a couple a year!

As always, the base for this paperdoll was drawn by my friend Alexandra Fitzgerald, and the various brushes were sourced from the GIMP2 community and may contain some by Hawksmont, danieeel31, duskblue, Obsidian Dawn or Free-Brushes.

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