Book 4 Prep: Maps

With the beta readers at work and the cover art being produced, the time has come for me to work on my maps again.  This damn book covers almost the whole of the north, plus it hangs around in Bahlaer for a while too, which means I have to provide more and larger maps than previous.  These, therefore, are my first cuts — the final versions depending on fitting them into the dimensions of the print books, which I won’t muck around with until the editing is complete.

That being said, here’s the main map for the print book:

Book4WorldAnd the color version for the e-book:


I’ve also needed to finish up the Bahlaer city map, and while I’m still not satisfied with it, this should do for a broad area-view of it:

Book4Insert2And the box shown above is the area of main action, as shown below:

Book4Insert3I’m sure I could do the city maps better, but I’m still struggling as to how.  Still, this should mostly get the point across.

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