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April Update

Yes, I’ve been quiet.  I think I’ll continue to be quiet-ish until the series is over — with maybe a few info posts here and there, plus teasers, etc, but nothing major until I start prepping for the collaboration I … Continue reading

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October Memorial and Book 4 Status

I’m hardly the first to say this, but 2016 has been a crappy year in many respects — and October has been the worst for my little circle of gaming/art/writing friends.  On October 8th, we lost Rena Phillips to the … Continue reading

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Book 3 Paperback!

Got the cover fixed, and now The Living Throne is available in paperback through CreateSpace and Amazon.  Warning: it’s a hefty book!

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Book 3 Maps

Getting ready to assemble the book now, which means maps!  Or…well, a map.  Unlike Book 2, when I did a large split-map because the characters were ranging all across the Imperial Heartlands, this time I think there will be just … Continue reading

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Book 3 Back Cover Blurb

Now that Book 3 has been sent out to the beta readers, it’s time to work on the cover- and supplemental material — including the piking blurb.  Argh the blurb.  I’m not so good at short works, and condensing 400k … Continue reading

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Post-Convention Wrapup

Hey all!  I have just recently returned from my first vending experience at the SOE Live convention, where I had a great time and met a bunch of great people.  I thought I’d wrap up the experience with a run-down … Continue reading

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Unbraiding the Narrative

Because I really have nothing to say about today’s Fantasy Review Barn Tough Traveling episode, I figured I should talk about what I’ve been working on.  After all, I haven’t done much content recently. The reason is that I’ve started … Continue reading

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Upgrades Ahoy!

I’d planned to do a content post yesterday, but shop-talk basically ate my time away.  On the plus side, shop-talk forced me to finally commit to this: my own domain! I used to have a website for my writing world … Continue reading

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That Cursed Sex Scene

I recently received a review of book 2 by the fantastic Pauline M. Ross of Fantasy Review Barn.  Much cheering and excitement was had, but she also pointed a stern finger at the issue I tend to most avoid: sex. … Continue reading

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Book 2 — Published

The Splintered Eye, now on sale at Amazon — e-version only. Physical version coming soon.

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