Book 3 Paperback!

WoM 3 - the Living ThroneGot the cover fixed, and now The Living Throne is available in paperback through CreateSpace and Amazon.  Warning: it’s a hefty book!

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Worldbuilder. Self-published writer.
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3 Responses to Book 3 Paperback!

  1. Kelly B. says:

    FYI – You might want to check how your third book is set up on Amazon. I had purchased the first book a while back when someone recommended it on a website I frequent. I was recently looking through the books I have on my Kindle and was curious if any other books had been released in the series. When I went to Amazon and pulled up the first book, it only showed it as a two book series. Somehow, it’s not showing the third book as part of the same series. I only found out there was a third book because I clicked on your Amazon author page. Anyway, I now have all three books and look forward to reading them. Good day!

    • Thanks for the heads-up. All the settings are correct, but as you say, the third book isn’t showing in the series…l have no idea why. I’ve poked at the settings and republished the book, so hopefully it will show up once it gets through review, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye on it.

    • The series page is now working properly. Thanks again for the heads-up!

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