April Update

Yes, I’ve been quiet.  I think I’ll continue to be quiet-ish until the series is over — with maybe a few info posts here and there, plus teasers, etc, but nothing major until I start prepping for the collaboration I have planned with Erica Dakin or the second series I have in mind.

Meanwhile, the Book 4 cover work continues (slowly).  This isn’t entirely bad, because I have figured out a few things that need tweaking in the final draft, which I’ll be fixing shortly.  I am also halfway done with the rough draft of Book 5 (which is what helped me realize the need for tweaks) and just finished a hopefully-final edit of Book 1 that took into account much of the critique from readers as well as some issues that had always nagged at me.  I feel that I did rush publication of Book 1 due to (over)enthusiasm, and that this current version has fixed most of the book’s problems.  I hope to roll it out within a month or two, once my beta readers go through it and confirm I haven’t somehow butchered it.  >__>

I plan to go through books 2 and 3 eventually, but they don’t have nearly the issues and will probably just get trimmed/error-corrected.

Anyway, that’s it for now!

About H. Anthe Davis

Worldbuilder. Self-published writer.
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