Book 3 Maps

Getting ready to assemble the book now, which means maps!  Or…well, a map.  Unlike Book 2, when I did a large split-map because the characters were ranging all across the Imperial Heartlands, this time I think there will be just one map, vertical along one page.  That will mean tablet- and e-reader users will have to tilt, but it will save some space, since the action takes place in a more limited area.

Here it is, then:


Alas, the books — both physical and digital — will probably need to use the black & white version, because of printing constraints.  It’s not as attractive, but I think it gets the job done:


One step closer to publishing!

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9 Responses to Book 3 Maps

  1. megera says:

    your maps are so lovely

  2. Jay Dee says:

    Love the maps. I need to work on mine.

  3. Nice maps. Do you use the color version in your ebook? I like the color renderings so much better. I do my own maps and have problems with resolution when I insert them in print books. I use campaign cartographer, which makes great maps, but they’re just not crisp. Thanks for sharing this.

    • I’m considering using the color version this time — in the previous two books though, I used the black and whites. File size can be an issue in KDP, but looking at it now, I think it might be worth it to switch out. As for crispness, the loader for the print version always complains about DPI, so I usually have to fiddle around with size and resolution for a while before it’s satisfied, but the maps in my print books look pretty good. I really would recommend GIMP 2 just as an all-around art tool.

  4. Erica Dakin says:

    So… where’s Akarridi?

    • Not pictured. Somewhat below the Legend box. I just wanted to show the action-relevant parts of the story, and since the other half of the story doesn’t leave Bahlaer…

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