Upgrades Ahoy!

I’d planned to do a content post yesterday, but shop-talk basically ate my time away.  On the plus side, shop-talk forced me to finally commit to this: my own domain!

I used to have a website for my writing world on Angelfire, waaaaay back in the day.  Well, technically I still do; some of the less important information still lingers there, though I’ve redacted anything spoilery.  I just didn’t have the heart to tear it all down.

Likewise, I haven’t had the nerve to put up something new until now.  Not that this can really be called nerve.  I’m only doing it now because I plan to go conventioning — and even plan to staff a booth! — this year, and warofmemory.com looks much nicer on a business card than warofmemory.wordpress.com.  No offense to the wordpress bit, it’s just the way things are.

So!  New domain (though still the WordPress back-end).  Plans for convention-going (though not really a books- or writing-related one).  Also now trying out this Publicize option that will apparently cross-post this to Facebook and Twitter without me having to do it manually, so we’ll see how that goes too.

Onward and…slightly…diagonalward?

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2 Responses to Upgrades Ahoy!

  1. Pauline Ross says:

    Good luck with the changes! I find any upgrade, however smooth, results in hours of endless fun tinkering around with this and that. And automated cross-posts are cool, so much less work. I have a flow-chart to remind me what goes where all by itself, and what I need to do manually. It all works fine except when my post titles are too long, then the auto-post to Twitter fails with a humourless message.

    • So far, it looks like things will go pretty smoothly, just that perhaps I need to enable some extra pop-ups in my browser to allow me to tweak the Facebook and Twitter cross-post texts. The real problem now is remembering everywhere I’ve placed a link to the blog, so I can edit them all to direct to the new domain. (Not that they wouldn’t be redirected automatically, but one must look professional.)

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