Search Terms 2: Electric Boogaloo

I feel the need to post a bit of fluff today; ye olde brain isn’t firing on all cylinders and Tough Traveling is doing ‘Turncoats’, so I can’t say anything.  :X

Therefore, I shall go through the new weird search terms I’ve netted since the last time I did this in March!

So here we go:


feelinggrid1‘feelings vocabulary sheet’

This was a hit on one of my Pictographs posts, specifically the image with all the feelings glyphs.  So in a way, this person found exactly what he/she wanted!  But in another way, they were completely confused!

Or were they?  Is there someone out there right now, writing down their emotions with my silly little images?  When I was in high school, I used to write notes to myself in a mangled version of Norse runes, so who knows?


‘indian black eagle’

This is kind of a sensible hit, since I include a picture of a black eagle in my Culture Composites: Trivestes post.  I’m just kind of surprised that it shows up high enough in the rankings to be selected, since I don’t mention anything about India, etc.  But then, the black eagle is a very pretty bird.


‘having a mentalist child’

I’m sorry, but my writeup of The Psycher Gene is not going to help you, anonymous searcher.  First off, even though I imagine that you are human, you are not the kind of human the post discusses — which is to say, you are not a hybrid of two or more kinds of skinchanger, with your ability to skinchange deactivated by that hybridization but still a genetic predisposition to having a spiritual connection with other people.

Secondly, ‘mentalist’ in a real-world context means a performer of magic tricks, specifically mind-reading.  Note the word ‘tricks’.  If you have a mentalist child, then that child is asking you to pick a card out of the deck, remember what was on it, then put it back.  I think you need to search for ‘having a psychic child’.


riddianflag‘good riddians to bad rubbish’

I’m fairly sure the people of Riddian would object to being compared with rubbish, sir.  …If that’s even the right way to parse this.  What would this be implying, if you took it in that contest?  Maybe the Riddish flock to rubbish like vultures?  They’re not vultures, sir, they are wolves!  (And snakes, in a few cases.)

Also, that’s spelled ‘riddance’.  Not that you’ll see this.  But it was a good try!


‘skinchanger vs werewolf’

Aha!  Someone who perhaps found what they were looking for!  This search hit my post about the skinchanger gene!

Still, probably not quite what they wanted.  The definition of a skinchanger differs depending on the medium: they can be humans who can take over the senses of animals or turn into them by using their skins, or just generic shapeshifters.

In contrast, my skinchangers are a single distinct species with many subtypes but the ability to interbreed across type.  However, type-crossing deactivates the skinchanging gene, leaving the offspring unable to shift.  This is a little bit similar to werecreatures in the World of Darkness (as I mention in a comment on Andrew Knighton’s blog), except in WoD the resultant mutts are either kinfolk or metis because the werecreatures aren’t meant to cross-breed — not even with their own type!

And all of this different from the standard view of werewolves, which is as a contagious curse.  So there you go!


‘sex turn piked’

Dangit.  I have changed the title of that post, so hopefully this will stop cropping up.


‘nouns/words that start with a/b/m’

Who are you and why are you still searching by this term?!


‘seinen manga wallpaper’

This was from my discussion of my favorite anime — which reminds me!  I recently rewatched Utena alongside the videos of this poor sensitive little man, and they were the best thing ever, and now I’m following some blogs on Tumblr just because they do funny/creepy stuff involving the show, and I sent the first boxed set home with Deb after the convention…  DEB!  HAVE YOU WATCHED YET?!

By the way, a seinen manga is one aimed at adult men, as opposed to shonen (boys), shojo (girls), or …dangit, what’s the term for adult women’s manga?  I know this…..hhhhhh…..  Josei!

And now you know.


‘ancient china pictographs’

I’m flattered that you think my pictographs are cool enough to be ancient Chinese ones.  But they’re not.  Please don’t use them in your dissertation, or get any tattooed on yourself.  Neither will go over well.


‘the sealing of deed the way of the world’

Well…you did match a few words to my Sealing of the World posts, but I’m not sure they’re what you’re looking for.  Do you know what you’re looking for?  Maybe you want to move some of those words around, or drop a few and try again…



Oh crud, did I accidentally use a real word for one of my place-names again?

Yes, it appears I did.

However, it appears that the real word I used was also a place-name!  It may have been a mountain in India!  Or possibly someone’s first name!  According to Google Translate, it may also be something mysterious in Malay or Norwegian!  I think Google Translate is confused.

Sigh.  At least I didn’t name another country ‘almond’.





‘laying her sceptre down the conversion of empire’

That sounds interesting, but you’re having the same problem as the ‘sealing of deed’ guy.  Are you people really vague on what you’re looking for?  Because you have such specific terms, but then you click over to here…  Maybe I’m just that interesting.  *preen preen*


‘battle of the black curse’

Ooo.  Where can I find that?  Not here…


‘triveste gays’

There are some, yes.  But they’re monogamous, so I don’t think you’ll have much luck.


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  1. megera says:

    no~ i have not had enough time to even finish unpacking yet! i just now got the notes on people from the con. like … right now.

  2. Erica Dakin says:

    I think a country named Almond would be pretty cool. Almonds are nice!

  3. ;Battle of the Black Curse’ sounds like it could be the next Pirates of the Caribbean film. If the last one didn’t kill the franchise dead, that is.

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