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I’m not the best tagger on the net.  My categories no doubt leave much to be desired, and my aesthetic urge toward a small tag cloud probably means I don’t nearly get the reach I should.  Therefore, I like it that WordPress shows me the search terms that people have used in order to find my blog (though more often than not, those search terms show up as ‘unknown’).

What I’ve discovered is that sometimes, I still can’t figure out how people got here.  Or what they even want!

So here are a few of the terms that have brought people to my project — and the related posts.  It’s a post retrospective!


‘accessorizing short natural hair pictures’

I imagine this was an image search.  It probably picked up one of my culture composites (because sometimes while I’m looking around for culture stuff, I go ‘omg that haircut, and that one, and that one, squee!’ and you all probably go ‘why did she waste time cramming those all into one file when they’re all basically the same’ but you guys just don’t understand me! wah!).  I just…  I don’t know how it would come up high enough on any search of those words for someone to actually click it.  How far down did this person have to scroll?


‘piking sex’

This one is obvious, since I posted That Piking Sex Scene, but who searches for that term?  Is this an actual thing?

(I just searched and apparently it is.  I didn’t click the links.  I don’t want to know.)


‘mentalism world map index’

When using real words for my imaginary things, it’s not surprising that some of the stuff I write about will trigger random blog hits.  I suppose this is someone looking for stage-magicians/cold reading specialists around the world?  Because that’s the use of the word in Real Life.


‘nin is synthpop’/’nine inch nails are synthpop’

I don’t know if this was two different people, or one guy searching twice, but anyway they got caught up in my Influences post about music.  To that/those guy(s), I say: Nine Inch Nails started out as an industrial band, but in my opinion the more recent albums have strayed away from those harsh machine-sound roots.  I would hesitate to call them synthpop though; I think synthpop is somewhat lighter and less … dammit, I don’t have the musical vocabulary for this.  Less minor-key, less atonal, maybe? than current NIN tends to be.  I think current NIN might be better classified as darkwave, but there is sort of an overall blending between many of the genres in the Industrial/EBM/Synthpop/Darkwave continuum, so.


‘words that start with m’

Why would you search this?!  And why did I get a hit off of it?!


‘monsters and humans anime’

I saw this more than once, I think, which makes me happy because those are the kinds of anime I like.  Yay!  And this one also obviously corresponds to a post: namely my Influences one on anime.  I hope you liked my recommendations, person!



Apparently this means ‘almond’ in French, in addition to being one of my kingdoms.  Oops!


‘earthquake rose’

This is such a cool term that I had to look it up: The Earthquake Rose.  I don’t know how that person found me off of that search, but it’s nice to be able to trackback to something neat.


‘world climate map’

I do my best, folks, but you probably don’t want to get your climate info from me.


‘book project pictograph’

This would probably have been from my various pictograph studies for making the written Gheshvan language.  I need to update that; I’ve been tinkering with the alphabet more, so the one on that older post is now out-dated, and I’ve also tried to do some handwritten versions — to show how the language would look in the field.  Need to write some more and scan them…


‘plagues in history’

Sorry.  No history here.  Just a whole lot of made-up stuff.


‘people still playing everquest 2013’

Alas, this search does not include me — though I am still playing EverQuest II!  And will probably play EQ Landmark, because we can build things and I kind of want to build Enkhaelen’s mansion….yeeeees.


‘calander of winter in the middle east’

Sorry, buddy.  My calendar will not help you.


‘paws claws hoofes’

I know I write about animals and beast-spirits and skinchangers a lot, but again, I wonder how far down the results someone had to scroll in order to find me?


“the nightmare infection”

That sounds cool.  Is that a thing?

(Went to check.  Sounds like nope!  Nothing official, anyway.  Would make a good band name.  Metaaaaaaaaaaal!)


‘pdf images of spine books’

This one actually hit the mark!  Hope they were helpful, person!


‘mmorpg goddess prayer’

Person, I only wish that this was an MMORPG.  And on the subject of flavor text such as prayers…  I’ve always found songs, poems and prayers in novels to be kind of grit-my-teeth-hope-it-doesn’t-suck-oh-dear-lord-why-did-they-include-that cheesy.  Not all of them, obviously; I still remember the dang Kender Mourning Song from the Dragonlance books.  But for the most part I’m leery of novelists trying their hands at lyrics — especially when the novelist is me.  I took poetry courses in HS and college but I’m still so bad, and I can fake up lyrics to an existing song in the style of Weird Al Yankovic but produce something original?  Heck no.  So I guess I automatically cringe when the characters in any book open their mouths and start spouting something that doesn’t come in paragraph form.

But I digress.


‘ogrish sex male female’

Okay, buddy…  You go on and get down with your bad self.  No judgment.


‘dragonlance bad guys’



‘phicical identivication between a silver cob and a dusky cob’

Poor Cob.  Apparently he’s a fish.  (Though it seems that’s actually a kob, so he’s been spared a life under the sea…this time.)


‘specialized cycling clothing amazon’

What?  How?  How did you get here?  Hoooooooooooooow?

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4 Responses to Search Terms

  1. paulinemross says:

    Fun post! It’s very sad that so many search keywords are hidden by Google these days (around 90% on my blogs), and those that aren’t hidden are dull. Although on my writing blog, the most popular search term is my name. Which is gratifying. 🙂

    • I did get a good amount of my-names, my-blog-names, and the book titles, but quantifying the actual stats is less fun than pointing out the quirky ones. And I dunno, maybe Google is protecting us by hiding some of the search terms. We don’t necessarily want to know what weirdness lurks in the hearts of internet folk.

  2. Erica Dakin says:

    I should do a post like that, but I’d imagine mine will be a lot more boring than you. Also, hoofes? Please, person, learn to spell!

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