Authors Answer 67 – The Challenge of Writing Romance

cropped-pia19912-main_mcam-sol-1099Romantic relationships!  The bane of my writing!  Hearts and flowers are not for me.

Question 67 – Valentine’s Day is coming up. How do you handle the romantic aspect of writing in fiction?

In my personal life, I’m not at all interested in romance, but I try not to let my nature influence my characters too much. They all have their own wants and needs, so while my first book had nothing of the sort, the subsequent ones have seen relationships form, plus some brief not-quite-sex scenes. It’s not obligatory though; I have several characters who are asexual or aromantic and quite willing to say that they’re not inclined. I think it’s an important part of character development either way (interested or non), but I haven’t made it a big part of the plot; in fact, the largest relationship-related storyline is the anti-romance between the protagonist and his (ex?)-girlfriend, who both need to figure some things out. No Twu Wuv around here.

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