Authors Answer 66 – The Urge to Quit Writing

cropped-pia19912-main_mcam-sol-1099Relevant to my current feelings of inertia.  Must…get back into the groove…

Question 66 – Have you ever wanted to quit writing?

The temptation is always there, particularly in times like now, where I’m struggling through the first draft of a story. Or when I’m bogged down in endless edits and rewrites, or when I’m eyeing my sales statistics, or… Well, the point is, there are many, many, many easier things I could be doing with my time, but when I’ve actually tried to walk away, I may get some brief relief…until the story-ideas and characters start plaguing me. If I ignored them for long enough, I’m sure the urge would eventually fade, and with it the skill; whenever I take a long pause from writing, I get this quiet fear that I’ve forgotten how to do it. But I’ve worked too hard to reach this level, and I owe it to the characters to tell their stories — because they feel like people to me, and I’m their only outlet to the world.

So yeah, I could stop at any time if not for the voices in my head. >_>

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