Authors Answer 56 – Our Other Creative Endeavours



Another Authors Answer.  First, the official Q&A:

Question 56 – Apart from writing fiction, do you do any other creative works?

I do some of the art for my stories, mainly maps and concepts. I’ve done some video-editing, I’d like to tinker with game creation, I’d like to do some songwriting except I’m terrible at it… There are many things I’d do if there were six of me, but it feels like I never have time.

Yes, I have spoken many times about what I’d do if I could clone myself.  Pretty sure we wouldn’t descend into a frenzy of stabbing each other, but instead make a schedule of going to the Day Job, writing the main novel, editing the main novel, writing side stories, drawing concept art, and doing boring house stuff.  Then maybe we’d actually manage to get all my ideas out of my head!

Or maybe we’d end up with creative differences and there would be stabbings.

Anyway, my life is pretty much wrapped around the writing right now, but I’ve done all the maps myself, and I cobble together concepts sometimes for my artist friends to spin into better stuff, so I’m sort of….art-supportive?  I used to play instruments and sing and dance, but all of that was back before high school; in high school I did theater, but moved from acting to the technical side because I preferred that, and then drifted away from it once I got to college.  As noted above, I did a little bit of video editing, but just to make some fan-vids.  I should do some more though, because I owe one of my readers a pronunciation guide for all my crazy names.

I also have some vague notes on the first three books as a musical…heh.

Some of my concept art:

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  1. Art-supportive. Love it.

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