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Culture Composites: Wyndon

Another week, another look at the dysfunctional kingdoms, city-states and protectorates of the northern continent.  Today we have Wyndon, the second protectorate to be actually visited in the series — as opposed to being seen in flashbacks and dreams. Advertisements

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Deity Profile: The Trifold Goddess

The Trifold Goddess is not a single deity, but an alliance of three entities who share power and act in concert — mostly.  They have a few collective names: the Shield, Torch and Hammer; the Maiden, Mother and Matron…and the … Continue reading

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Imperial Protectorate Flags

Fellow blogger Buffy was just squeeing over how much she likes flags, so I started thinking about my territories’ flags…  I’ve always had some notes on them, but only ever made one of them while I was playing as it … Continue reading

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Gender and Sexuality, With Maps

I wanted to make some more maps but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted them to be of, so I asked a few friends.  One of them asked for maps of fashion trends, but when I said I had no … Continue reading

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Deity Profile: Kherus Morgwi the Shadowlord

Name: Kherus Morgwi, the Shadowlord. Other Names: Ker of Shadow (general use), Kurr Morgri (ogres and skinchangers), Mhozri dya Shrodak (Zhang). Apotheosis/Awakening: The first moment of the universe. Domain: Oretcht’ke, the City and Spindle/The Shadow Realm.

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History 13: The Nemesis, the Long Darkness and the Rise of the Phoenix Light

Even before the sudden darkness, the Heartlands kingdoms were not the only places where strange things were happening.  Several decades prior to 240 Age of Kingdoms, the Goddess of Knowledge had begun behaving erratically—even by the standards of eccentricity to … Continue reading

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History 12: The Masks and the Plagues

What followed the death-throes of the northern empires was a time of insularity, when all the new subdivisions that called themselves kingdoms isolated themselves from their neighbors as much as was possible.  The east once again fell out of contact … Continue reading

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