Book 5 Print, Spine and Backplate

Just a quick update today. Book 5, The Bloodied Army, is now available in print format. I spent my weekend fighting with KDP’s statuses, constantly sending the book to print only for it to revert to Draft in moments, only to realize that one of my settings is wrong — but the damn thing doesn’t indicate what or why. But anyway, print!

Here is the full (temporary) cover image. My artist still wants to do the card version, but it will just have to wait on time and energy.

Book 6 is basically complete but requires formatting, extras, probably another set of eyes just for luck….and of course a cover. We’re working on it though!

About H. Anthe Davis

Worldbuilder. Self-published writer.
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1 Response to Book 5 Print, Spine and Backplate

  1. mcat711 says:

    Congrats! *applause* Fie on uncooperative tech, though.

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