Progress and Character Pages

I know I’ve been scarce this past month — alas!  But there hasn’t been much to write about.  The Book 4 cover continues to inch along.  I’m 11 chapters into the Book 5 rough draft and feeling fairly confident, but with nothing I can show.  I’ve started doing another paperdoll, but my wrist isn’t happy with me when I do too much mouse-based art so I haven’t gotten far.

On the plus side, today I started doing something I’d been planning to do for a while: start making character-specific pages.  Made one for Firkad Sarovy today — not the main protagonist, I know, but I like him a lot and it was nice to finally get all his backstory down in one place.  This version is spoiler-free; I might add one with post-Book 3 info later, but ehh, I don’t know if that’s necessary.

Anyway, I hope to do more soon, to expand on the thumbnail-info in my current Characters page.

Edit 2/24: Added Cobrin today!

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