Authors Answer 111 – Killing Off Main Characters

cropped-pia19912-main_mcam-sol-1099Sooooo.  Not that this is a spoiler or anything, but I do have a certain…tendency in my writing.

Question 111: How do you (or would you) feel when you kill a main character?

First, I laugh maniacally.  Second, I think of how my beta readers (and then my actual readers) will take it.  Then I laugh maniacally again, while trying to figure out how best to defend myself from irate friends/coworkers/fans.  …Seriously, I kill a lot of characters.

That said, I hate nothing more than a pointless death, even if pointlessness is a large part of realism.  And while I also hate the trope of people coming back from the dead all willy-nilly like in the superhero comics of yesteryear, death on Halci isn’t always as permanent as it looks — what with the skinchangers’ spirits, the elementals’ primordials and the wraiths’ bodiless immortality, among other things.  So death is an ending, but it’s not always The End.

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