Authors Answer 89 – Kick-starting Creativity

cropped-pia19912-main_mcam-sol-1099Question 89 – Is there a time, place or activity that helps get your creative juices flowing?

I’ve found that as soon as I get up from the computer, get in the car and start driving to work, I have a spike of inspiration.  It’s very annoying, because trying to scribble notes while in traffic would be a road hazard so I have to wait and cling to those ideas so they can’t escape.  The first hour or two while I’m at work also tends to be fertile brain-time, so I always carry a pen and note-paper.  I do a lot of my conceptual editing then, and pop out new ideas.  That’s one of the reasons I like my Day Job.  Sitting at the computer and staring at documents has a way of oppressing me and turning the creative process rote; letting ideas percolate while I’m shelving books has been very helpful.

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