Authors Answer 88 – The Ultimate Question

erestoia-testheaderOne of the most common questions.

Question 88 – Why do you write?

I write because there are innumerable people in my head demanding to have their stories told, now Now NOW!  They nag me all day long, and the only relief I get is when I’m writing.  I’ve had a teeming brain ever since I was a kid, and created a bunch of D&D-style game settings and participated in a ton of collaborative gaming, and all those characters and places I created during those years have gestated into elaborate stories that keep forcing me to the computer, day after day, to type them out.  It’s pretty much my life, and I like it, and I’m glad I finally broke the (self)publication barrier so that I can push on from the origin stories into undiscovered territory.  The fascination and stress of spinning all these decades of notes and dreams into a solid manuscript is what drives me on.

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