Post-Vacation Update

Just a quick update/state of the book post.  I’ve recently come back from two weeks of visiting relatives on the east coast, and as always when I go on vacay, I got very little writing/editing done.  I did manage to go through a chapter and a half, but upon looking it over after getting home, I decided it needed more editing…so I’m still at it.

But that’s fine, since my alpha reader is now off for a two-week no-contact vacation, and my cover artist is still otherwise occupied.  Call it the summer doldrums, to go with the winter doldrums that hamstrung my earlier efforts.  Good thing I don’t have a deadline, right?

That being said, I want to get this damn book finished and into people’s hands!  Between returning to Day Job and doing pool maintenance (argh), I’ll be slogging my way through this next week, but hopefully will speed up as I get settled again.  Then I await alpha readers, correct issues, send to beta readers, correct again, read through it once more myself…put the cover on…aaaaaaand…

At the moment I can’t say an ETA, alas.  I want it to be before/by September, but I seem to be in some kind of 15-month-plus production cycle.  Very annoying.

That’s all for now!

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