Monday Music: Guns N’ Roses — November Rain

Guns N’ Roses November Rain.  Classic rock.  (Accept it, guys, it’s way old now.)

I tripped over this on the radio the other day, after probably a decade of not hearing it, and immediately remembered why it’s the only GNR song I like.  Histrionic music is a big thing for certain of my characters, and between the wedding/funeral storyline in the video and the screaming guitar at the end…  Well, my #1 melodrama fan was hooked.  I like a lot of music specifically because my characters like it, which is a weird feeling — to suddenly be someone else while listening to something.  Good thing I’m a writer and can use it.

Also, well, it’s November.

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1 Response to Monday Music: Guns N’ Roses — November Rain

  1. Kelly B. says:

    Gotta love a good Slash guitar solo. 🙂 My personal favorite of theirs is Sweet Child ‘O Mine.

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